Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, Common Celebrate Barack Obama's Win With New Tracks

Diddy, Nas, Will.I.Am, Mary J. Blige also praise the president-elect.

The Barack Obama afterglow continues in the hip-hop community. Don't think rappers are going to stop supporting the president-elect just because the election is over. Wednesday night in New York, , , and sang Obama's praises while at a victory party/ Diddy birthday bash at the Mansion nightclub. And the Obama love continues to spread.

A piece of a Jay-Z song called "History" aired on New York radio station Hot 97 Wednesday afternoon and has since circulated on the Internet via radio rip sent around by former XXL magazine Editor in Chief Elliott Wilson. Hov raps about victory and defeat as if they were people, and the man whose mantra is "I Will Not Lose," of course, leans toward his love of victory. The Jigga man has spoken incessantly about his support for Obama through his music, interviews and concerts.

First-time voter worked with producer Ron Browz on a new version of the street hit "Pop Champagne." "We pop champagne for Barack's campaign," Browz sings with heavy AutoTune on his vocals. "We voted for a change, now we made it/ No disrespect to McCain or Palin."

"To all my people in the street that always bang this in their truck/ We celebrating this Barack win/ Put your hands up," Rhymes raps. He also spits about voting at 7 a.m.

"First thing I want to tell the fans or the people reading this is congratulations to them," Busta told MTV News. " 'Cause at the end of the day, the possible reality of us being able to live this experience is impossible without the support and coming together. People took the time out and dedicated their lives. People wasn't allowing nothing but death [to] stop them from getting out and supporting Barack. That was inspiring to me because it helped me realize that we will make the decision to do the right thing when it's unanimously obvious that it's the right thing. A lot of the times, we take for granted that the common man is not as smart to the do right thing. Election Day was a testament to prove everybody wrong who might have felt that way."

kicked a verse of a record called "Changes" on Wednesday's episode of "TRL." On Thursday (November 6), the entire record hit the Net. The Chicago word wizard aspires to give the world hope, just like President Obama. "I found a purpose why I MC/ Inspire a young world to be greater than me," he raps. "Travel on with the food I provide you/ To awaken the voice that's inside you." The record ends with the last few seconds of Obama's presidential acceptance speech.

On Tuesday, dropped "Election Night," and just released "It's a New Day," his third pro-Obama track.