Britney Spears Gears Up For Circus Tour With Online Workout Video

Singer will perform new tracks at 'Good Morning America' birthday bash.

Don't just take Britney Spears' word that she's planning a major comeback, go to the tape. In keeping with her promise to give fans an inside scoop on her attempt to get her career back on track with her upcoming Circus album, Spears posted a video on her site on Monday of the grueling five-times-a-week workout sessions she's been sweating through to get in shape for an expected tour.

"Now that Britney's bangin' bod is back, we've been wondering how she managed to get so toned so fast!" the site's webmaster wrote. "Well, no secrets here. We've got an exclusive video from Britney's home gym so you can see for yourself!" In the video, Spears can be seen working out with her trainer, the mysteriously named Seven, during one of their sessions. As her own "Gimme More" thumps in the background, the singer, wearing striped hot pants and a tank top, can be seen working on her lats, back, triceps, biceps and shoulders in the short clip that was shot in her home gym, which is tricked out with giant gilded mirrors, a coat of arms and more weights than the typical hotel workout room.

According to the post, Brit has already moved past these sessions to "intense" dance rehearsals "many" times per week — with photographic proof, of course.

The site also now features a video of Britney's dance troupe celebrating the 10th anniversary of her breakthrough hit, "... Baby One More Time," and news that the singer is going to celebrate her 27th birthday on December 2 by performing tracks from Circus on "Good Morning America."