'Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince' Trailer, Shot By Shot: Going Off The Page

International teaser showcases some scenes and emotions not found in the book.

Thanks to a decision to move the film's release to the summer, the wait for "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" is still a long one. But three months after the first domestic trailer flew like a Nimbus 2000 across the Net, fans at least have something else to talk about, thanks to an international teaser that leaked this past weekend.

We took a look at the teaser second by second to see what's in store for our favorite boy wizard in the series' sixth installment, paying particular attention to what scenes made the cut, what characters seem out of whack and what new tricks director David Yates has up his sleeve.

Time codes count up from the beginning, corresponding to the trailer on TrailerAddict.com.

0:01: Unlike the first domestic trailer, which began with images meant to arouse feelings of familiarity and routine (snow falling over Hogwarts, Professor McGonagall leading a congregation of students, etc.), the international teaser opens with an alien environment — three separate angles leading up to the seaside cave where Tom Riddle once tortured a pair of fellow orphans (and where the adult Voldemort hides a Horcrux). Eerie music complements crashing waves to create a feeling of foreboding before a fade to black.

0:12: The first look at Dumbledore's withered, scarred right hand as it passes over the antechamber entrance (we imagine him murmuring incantations as a bewildered Harry looks on). The rocks fall, creating a path into the cave lake. Meanwhile, Dumbledore is heard in voice-over: "This is beyond anything I imagined," he says. "This is a different kind of magic. Very powerful, very powerful."

Notably, we're only 12 seconds into the trailer, and we're already seeing a major figure act uncharacteristically. Recall that in the novel, Dumbledore is only able to find the Horcrux because he's seen Riddle's magic before. Far from being different, he calls it quite familiar (and "crude"). Recall also that he's disappointed more than alarmed by some of Riddle's challenges (having to pay tribute in blood, for instance).

0:18: Here's real power. From the middle of the island, Dumbledore casts a fire spell, frightening off scores of offscreen Inferi.

0:24: Another quick fade, and we find ourselves back at Hogwarts in Dumbledore's office. "Once again," he says, "I must ask too much of you, Harry." The scene most likely takes place toward the beginning of the movie, when Dumbledore asks Harry to retrieve the all-important memory from Slughorn.

0:28: Warner Bros. logo.

0:31: Harry runs through the thickets of brush surrounding the Burrow (home to the Weasley family) in a scene added specifically for the movie, previously detailed at length in the Movies Blog. I remain dubious. Dumbledore is once again heard in voice-over: "Every day, every hour, this very minute in fact," he intones, "Dark Forces attempt to penetrate these walls." Each break is punctuated by a brief flash, an evil deed committed in the name of He Who Shall Not Be Named.

0:35: Like the Burrow on fire, for instance.

0:38: Or the Lightning-Struck Tower at Hogwarts.

0:39: Or Draco Malfoy standing in front of the Room of Requirement, intent, no doubt, on committing all sorts of secretive evil.

0:40: Our first brief look at Ron and Hermione, looking anxious and pensive over some unseen danger.

0:42: Draco removes a sheet covering one of two vanishing cabinets, which he will use to allow Death Eaters entrance into Hogwarts. After a year of hard work, he's earned the right to remove the sheet, shall we say, dramatically.

0:43: Half-second shots of Nagini and Voldemort punctuate Dumbledore's last word: evil.

0:44: "This time, I can't hope to destroy it alone," Dumbledore says, as Harry grabs onto the headmaster's left arm for side-along apparition. Kudos to the effects department for creating movement in the effect — notice how Harry and Dumbledore don't simply disappear but seem to vanish as if being sucked into a vortex.

0:48: Movement continues left to right as the Gryffindor Quidditch team flies across the stands. In film, movement in this direction is often seen as more "positive," denoting heroes or heroic journeys.

0:50: Ron is feted in the Gryffindor Common Room after a victory, rewarded with a large kiss from Lavender Brown. This moment seems to echo a similar moment from the novel between Harry and Ginny. It remains to be seen whether that kiss will be filmed similarly.

0:52: "This memory is everything," Dumbledore says, gathering memories for a trip into the Pensieve. These shots were seen in the earlier trailer.

0:54: Professor Slughorn (Jim Broadbent) uses his wand to remove a critical memory for Harry. He looks composed (if a little apprehensive). Recall in the novel that he's a crying mess at this juncture.

0:56: Harry casts an unknown spell from the lake island. Against the Inferi, it is futile. A half-second shot of the Burrow, surrounded by a ring of fire.

0:59: Hermione, Neville and other students stand alongside Professors McGonagall, Flitwick and Hagrid in a Hogwarts courtyard. It is unclear from where in the story this scene originates.

1:01: Harry, Ginny, Lupin and others at the Burrow.

1:02: Bellatrix casts a spell from inside Hogwarts.

1:03: Dumbledore casts fire to young Tom Riddle's cabinet, scaring the orphaned wizard into temporarily acting decently.

1:04: Professor Snape leads a group of Death Eaters past empty tables in the Hogwarts dining hall ...

1:05: ... which leads nicely into Harry calling after Snape: "Fight back, you coward." Interestingly, however, the scenes shown during the voice-over are not of Harry running after Snape on the Hogwarts grounds, but of him fighting alongside Ginny at the Burrow.

1:06: He casts a spell that is ably deflected by Fenrir Greyback, the feral werewolf.

1:08: Harry disappears under his invisibility cloak in Draco's compartment on the Hogwarts Express.

1:09: Not one to miss a disappearing rival, Draco curses Harry, leaving him to remain there invisible until found (which, luckily for Mr. Potter, is in about 30 seconds).

1:10: Death Eaters escaping from Hogwarts dance around Hagrid's cabin, which they have maliciously set fire to.

1:12: A remixed Hedwig's theme plays over the movie title.

1:17: A little levity at the end of a bunch of quick cuts, Harry gets smacked around by Hermione after a little schoolboy flirtation for the trailer's coda. "Hey! She's only interested in you because she thinks you're the 'Chosen One,' " Hermione says. "But I am the Chosen One," Harry deadpans back, getting deservedly whacked on the noggin with a rolled-up copy of The Daily Prophet.

A funny beat, to be sure, but one entirely out of character for Harry — who never boasted of being the Chosen One to anybody (let alone Hermione).

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