Ozzfest Will Return In 2009, But It Won't Be Free, Says Sharon Osbourne

Tour's mastermind says next year will be 'back to business as usual,' most likely with Ozzy headlining.

Following this year's single-day destination Ozzfest in Dallas and 2007's free tour, the future of the festival has remained something of a mystery.

The drastic measures of the past two years led some to assume that, after 13 successful years, Sharon Osbourne's brainchild was running out of steam. And then Warped Tour mastermind Kevin Lyman's Rockstar Energy Mayhem festival — which featured Slipknot, Disturbed, , and — seemed to step on Ozzfest's territory in the congested, highly competitive summer touring field.

When MTV News caught up with the Osbournes at the Scream Awards in Los Angeles over the weekend, the couple discussed what's in store for the tour's 14th year. Will 2009's Ozzfest be gratis once again?

"No, don't you know that there's a depression on?" Sharon Osbourne replied, defiantly. "Are you mad? We're going back to what we originally were. We've given the real good fans a free show for one time, and now, it's back to business as usual."

When pressed for next summer's lineup, she smiled, "We can't tell you now!"

"It's too early. We just got done with the last one," said son Jack Osbourne, who did suggest that the festival's namesake will likely return to anchor the bill.

So far, the only rumor that's been picking up steam is that may be performing — but that was also one of the rumors that preceded this year's event, which included Metallica, Ozzy, frontman Serj Tankian, Hellyeah, frontman Jonathan Davis, , , and .