'Twilight' Sneak Peek To Premiere At International Rome Film Festival

Nearly a month before film opens in U.S., a 15-minute preview will be screened during the event.

Die-hard fans of the "Twilight" book series are as familiar with the Internet as they are the written page, spending huge amounts of time on sites such as Twilight Lexicon, TwilightMoms and, of course, MTV News.

Now, they might want to start exploring pages like Priceline, Expedia and Travelocity as well.

Summit Entertainment has confirmed to MTV News that 15 minutes of the upcoming "Twilight" film will screen at the International Rome Film Festival, which runs from October 22 to 31, nearly a month before the movie opens here in the United States. According to the film festival's site, the screening will mark the "world premiere" of the segment, which will be accompanied by "backstage footage" as well.

The festival's site also explains in broken English that the event "includes the public encounter with the director and the film's stars, plus a reading of passages from the new book by Stephenie Meyer."

The announcement is unusual for several reasons, the most obvious being a major film festival's willingness to show a movie's extended clip alongside full screenings of completed films such as "The Duchess" and "Appaloosa." It speaks to the fever-pitch excitement that has been steadily escalating all year over the "Twilight" movie, as does the presence of the series' author, reading passages from "Breaking Dawn" at a film festival.

But what seems strange to your typical film-festival attendee will undoubtedly elicit screams of joy from loyal Twilighters, who will likely spend the next few days flooding travel Web sites with searches for cheap flights to Rome. As the startled attendees of Comic-Con discovered just a few months ago, once you've invited those high-energy Twilighters to the party, you'd better pack some earplugs.

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