'50 Cent For President'? Rapper Gets In The Race By Posting New Track Online

Fif refers to his 'Before I Self Destruct' film, which features Naughty by Nature's Treach, in the song.

A black commander in chief who's not Barack Obama? Could it be?

Curtis Jackson announced his bid for the Oval Office over the weekend when he posted a song via his Web site called "

50 Cent for President." Although the track doesn't really dwell too much on Fif's political views (which have been up in the air during this year's presidential election), he does reiterate that he wants to be music's number-one candidate.

"My main aim is to take away pain," he raps, giving a glance into his campaign platform. "It's OK — get f---ed up, man/ ... For five years, I'm the n---a you been hating on/ December 9, I'mma give you what you waiting for."

That date he refers to is the planned launch of his next album, Before I Self Destruct. During the last minute of the track, 50 just talks, telling the listener he's in Detroit working on the album with Eminem and Dr. Dre.

"I'm like Prince right now," he says in the song. "This is like 'Purple Rain,' baby" — in the sense that he's putting out an album and a companion film simultaneously. The album, he promises, will have a similar feel to his debut, Get Rich or Die Tryin'.

"What we did in the past doesn't even count to n---as no more," G-Unit member Tony Yayo told us recently. "You gotta stay on n---as' necks now. [The fans,] they wanna hear some new sh--. Hip-hop changes, man.

"Ain't no love in the industry," Yayo added, addressing the reception to the G-Unit group effort T.O.S.: Terminate on Sight. "You just have to be business-orientated. T.O.S. was a good album. The streets loved it. It wasn't commercial. And basically, it's something on the catalog; we go to the next project. I feel like a new artist right now. I feel like we're starting all over."

Yayo said that the low sales for Terminate on Sight have only driven the Unit's captain to make some of his best work to date. Still, Yayo said the meager SoundScan showing last time around had nothing to do with his camp's musical quality.

"T.O.S., I feel like sometimes the things that 50 and Jimmy Iovine go through trickle down on us," Yayo said. "50 is the kind of person, he has so much power and money, sometimes I think the label gets intimidated by that. None of his artists have to starve. Me and Banks and Buck, we all was good. If Interscope don't wanna throw me an advance, I can always get the quarter mil, half a mil from Fif. I feel [T.O.S.] wasn't marketed, period. Even with the iTunes, people tried to order the album, they couldn't order the album. We had weak preorders. We didn't go on a good promo run. ... 50 has one more album left [on his Interscope contract]. If you're Jimmy Iovine or somebody, when you know you have that leverage, why not let the G-Unit album fail so we can give you less money if you come back to negotiate with us? If the album does well, I have to give you more money."

On the movie side, 50 isn't letting a major company interfere with his artistic vision. He wrote, co-directed and stars in the "Before I Self Destruct" film.

"Fif is a brilliant businessman," Treach, one of the movie's co-stars, said. "He let me know all the money he spent on his first movie, 'Get Rich or Die Tryin'.' He was like, 'I'll never spend that much on a movie again. I know the numbers now. I know how to make it. It ain't no six months on a movie type sh-- no more.' The game changed on the music front and on the movie front. He knows how to cut the corners, what needs to be done, how much time, the budget. He's on his game. He's doing things on his pace that he's gonna put the official stamp on Hollywood. He's gonna change the game for Hollywood."

Treach — who along with the rest of his group, Naughty by Nature, will be given major props as part of VH1's "Hip-Hop Honors" on October 6 — says 50 called him to be down with the production through a mutual friend.

"50, we got family from the same Queens area," the rap legend explained. "When he had the 'How to Rob' record, the only name he didn't mention was Treach. A homie of ours, J. Jesses Smith, he's directing [the movie]. We done some work on some videos back in the day and stuff. We work at the same gym, me and the director. So he was like, 'Fif wanted to get a role for this movie he's shooting.' One night, he wanted me to come in and check the set. He was filming in the projects in Patterson, New Jersey. So I came through, 2 in the morning, kicked it with the homie. That next week, he had a slot for me to come up and do a scene. I have a nice little scene in there."

Treach also noted that 50 has compartmentalized his two careers. "50 is so coordinated with his stuff, he don't clutter his box up," Treach said. "When we doing a movie, we talking film business. When we doing music, we talking music business."

There is no official word on when the "Before I Self Destruct" movie will be released. There has also been no announcement on whether the film will come out in theaters or go straight to DVD.