The 'Travis Barker Remix' Of Lil Wayne's 'Got Money' -- Check Out A Clip Here!

The Play N Skillz-helmed remix of the song, which features Barker on drums, was recorded day before plane crash.

When production duo Play N Skillz started putting out feelers for people to appear on the remix of Lil Wayne's "Got Money" — a track they produced — Travis Barker was one of the first people to respond and record his part for it. One day before the recent plane crash that killed four people and seriously injured Barker and DJ AM, the drummer was in the studio, giving "Got Money" a beautiful beat-down with brand-new thunderous beats.

"We talked to Lil Chris [Baker], his assistant who died in the crash," Play told MTV News on Sunday in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the brothers were performing as part of the third annual New Mexico Takeover. "[Chris] was lining up the remix thing with Travis. I'd never met Travis, but we spoke two days before this happened. He went in the studio, did the 'Got Money' remix. We were really excited about that. Then you wake up one morning, and it's like, 'F---!' "

"It shows how fast something can happen," Skillz added. "The day before his crash, he had just did the drums to the 'Got Money' remix."

Play N Skillz said they took it upon themselves to try to spearhead a remix to the smash single. On Sunday, they had not yet spoken to Wayne personally about the new song but had talked to members of his camp.

(Go to the Newsroom blog to watch Barker and DJ AM rehearse for the VMAs and check out their full VMA performances.)

The duo said Sunday that there could be multiple remixes for the song, suggesting that one remix could feature just Barker on the drums, another might have Travis and various other MCs (they mentioned Slim Thug, Bun B and Game), or Weezy might decide to lay down some new vocals. At press time the MC details had not been finalized, but Barker's contribution was complete.

"We took it upon ourselves," Play said of the remix. "So many people are doing remixes anyways. We spoke to [Wayne's artist] Mack Maine, who's on the record. We told him what was going on. This whole process with Wayne has never been a very personal relationship. It's been so third-party, but it works. He probably doesn't want to be bothered with that type of thing. I guess he's like, 'Let me get in my space and do what I do.' If Wayne gets involved, even better. I didn't think he's not gonna wanna be a part of it. We're just trying to be innovative, and if anything, it can go to the Internet and to the fans."

Besides the Wayne remix, Barker was also working on several songs for Paul Wall's upcoming LP, The Fast Life, before the crash.

Barker and DJ AM remain hospitalized in Georgia following Friday night's crash. They are in serious but stable condition. The two entertainers were the only two survivors of six passengers. In addition to Baker, Barker's bodyguard, Charles "Che" Still, and the plane's pilots died in the crash. Barker and AM suffered serious burns but are expected to make full recoveries.

If you'd like more information on the memorial funds set up to benefit Chris Baker's and Charles Still's families, visit the

Famous Stars and Straps Web site.