Nate Dogg In Stable Condition After Second Stroke: Report

Former Death Row recording artist hospitalized after suffering two strokes in one year.

Details were sketchy at press time, but according to multiple online reports, including TMZ, former Death Row recording artist Nate Dogg suffered a stroke 11 days ago — his second in the past year — but is currently in stable condition.

TMZ reported that Nate (real name: Nathaniel Hale) is hospitalized and is using an assisted-breathing tube — not because it is required, but because it makes breathing easier for him. The site also said reports that the singer suffered brain damage are untrue, and that Nate is currently under sedation.

The site reported that it is too early to tell how the stroke will affect Nate's use of his limbs — his arm and leg were hampered by the first stroke — but he is not able to move much below his neck.

MTV News was unable to reach any reps for Nate at press time; much of the Dogg Pound's crew is currently on tour in Europe with Snoop Dogg.

Late last year, Nate was paralyzed on the left side of his body after suffering a mild stroke over the holidays, his manager, Rod McGrew, told MTV News at the time, and was placed in an occupational rehab facility.

In January, TMZ drew McGrew's ire after it posted an audio clip that the manager confirmed was Nate's girlfriend phoning 911 after the singer collapsed. The reaction to clip — bloggers joked about the caller's monotonous tone during the crisis — angered McGrew, who said he was dismayed over the interest in such a thing and intended to pursue legal action.

TMZ reported that Nate is due in court on September 24 to face felony charges after he allegedly made death threats to his estranged wife, although presumably his current condition may cause that date to be rescheduled.