Taylor Swift Ready To Unveil 'Songs About Boys' With Fearless

Singer also says Jonas Brothers' VMA performance overshadowed Russell Brand's purity-ring jabs.

This year, Taylor Swift was welcomed into the MTV family as the fashion correspondent at the Video Music Awards preshow. And the 18-year-old couldn't have enjoyed the experience any more than she did.

'"I had so much fun being the fashion correspondent. It was a blast, and I got to meet some awesome people," she told MTV News. "I had never been on that side of the interview before, so it was like learning this whole new thing and all of the terminology. It was really fun for me."

The country singer also talked about her upcoming album Fearless, adding that if you want to know what it's like to date her, all you need to do is listen to her music. "The album comes out November 11, and I wrote every song on it and I co-produced it. I like to write songs about boys and personal stories, and there are a lot of stories that I can't wait for people to hear," she said.

We wonder if one of those personal stories will revolve around her widely speculated relationship with middle Jonas Brother Joe Jonas. But until the record hits the shelves, all we know is that she's defending her rumored guy's honor following Russell Brand's purity-ring jabs at the VMAs.

"I think that the people that the jokes were directed towards are very professional and very good at laughing at themselves," she said. "I think that people walked away not really thinking about the Jonas Brothers [in regards to] the jokes that were made about them. They walked away thinking what a great performance they had."

Swift's new single just hit radio, and it's a song that she feels particularly proud of. "It's called 'Love Story,' " she said. "It's one that I wrote by myself, so it's really cool to see it be the first single."

And she just finished the video for the track, telling MTV News, "It's a period piece. It's very renaissance and very 'Romeo and Juliet.' "