Young Jeezy Blown Away By Recession's #1 Debut: 'It Feels Good'

'To have a #1 album is great, but to have the people appreciate it is better,' rapper says.

"It's a recession — everybody's broke," Young Jeezy raps on the title track from his third album, The Recession. Well, more than 260,000 people scraped together their pennies to buy the new LP, which snagged the #1 spot on the SoundScan charts Wednesday (September 10).

"To have a #1 album and the reaction from the people be strong and solid, it feels good," Jeezy said from his home in Atlanta. "It feels like Thug Motivation all over again. I just did a project I wanted to do, and the people appreciated. To have a #1 album is great, but to have the people appreciate it is better."

Young released several records on the Internet prior to his album's release, and he's put out videos for "Put On" (with Kanye West) and "Vacation." He's going to do a few polls in the streets to see which song he should shoot a video for next. "My President," "Who Dat" and "Circulate" are among the records that seem to have the strongest reactions so far.

"I'mma grind sh-- out, so you're gonna get a few more records," he promised.

One of the songs on the album that means the most to Young is "Don't Do It," on which he rhymes about visiting one of his good friends in the penitentiary.

"You see this person that had all these things, and he's in a position where he doesn't have any control over all of that," Jeezy explained. "It's like a sense of pride. When you walking into the building to see him, you're [thinking about] how he's gonna be reacting, how he's gonna feel. It's a hard feeling, but I think it was a harder feeling for me than it was for him. I was like, 'Whoa.' He was like, 'What's up? So how's the club going? Who's doing what?' I was on the free side, and I still felt awkward. But that's my man, though. To see him stand up there like, 'I'm cool. You all right?' He was like, 'I see you riding with Barack.' Everybody had to go see somebody who they loved at a funeral or either a prison — it's nothing you can do. That's your song. I been to so many funerals. I'm like, 'Man, I can't go again.' But you have to go. That's the song to get you through."

On "Crazy World," Jeezy talks about a momentary dilemma of wanting to buy a new sports car when his aunt needed a new kidney. He went with his family, of course.

"That's Auntie who practically helped raise me," he explained. "All she needs to survive is a kidney. Do you go to a lot and put $200,000 on a car, or do you put $200,000 in a foundation to help start something up to help her or anybody like her? That's a real-life conflict. If I get a call while I'm out on the road saying my auntie passed, that would mess my head up."

Jeezy said he has been helping his aunt out, and she's in better spirits.