Will.I.Am Looking Forward To Barack Obama's 'Important' Acceptance Speech

'This speech is important because the time is important,' Black Eyed Peas rapper says at the Democratic National Convention.

Longtime Barack Obama supporter and Black Eyed Peas rapper Will.I.Am hit Denver for the Democratic National Convention to show his support for the presidential hopeful.

This isn't the first time Will.I.Am has publicly showed love for Obama — back in February he released a video endorsing the Illinois senator that featured Obama's January 8 New Hampshire primary-night address. The "Yes We Can" clip not only spread Obama's message but became a YouTube sensation.

Will.I.Am spoke passionately about remixing Obama's speech: "The words of his speeches inspired the song. I didn't write a lyric. The only thing I wrote was the melody," he said. "I could say, 'I support Barack Obama. I want him to be the president,' or I could do an immediate thing."

Will says the spirit of his connection with the senator lies in the song "Yes We Can." "I don't think Barack said, 'Yeah, I like Will.' I think it's the song — he embraced the song 'cause I captured the message," he explained. "I didn't put my opinion on it. I think Barack and the campaign embraced the song. It's beyond me."

Will.I.Am eagerly anticipates the delivery of Barack's speech on Thursday at the DNC and hopes that it will show everyone what he already knows: Barack is ready to run the country.

"This speech is important because the time is important," he said. "It's important, 'cause it's engaging the people who have supported him.

" ... There's people who are going to be skeptical," he added, "but with the momentum of the victory, that's going to propel us up the hill. It's beyond just black and white. It's American — and I'm just happy to be here."

And don't worry about missing out on the action: MTV News and our Street Team '08 will be on the ground at both conventions to sort through all the speeches, streamers and ceremony to find the information you need to choose our next president. And head to Choose or Lose for nonstop coverage of the 2008 presidential election. And after history is made in Denver, MTV News will help you make sense of it all in "Obama Decoded," premiering Friday, August 29 at 7:30.