Jonas Brothers Stop By The White House, Encourage Kids To Get Active

Trio wouldn't pick a presidential candidate, but 'we do endorse voting,' Kevin says.

Thousands visit every year, but very few leave a permanent mark on the White House. The brave and intelligent men and women who shape history. The powerful leaders of the free world.

The Jonas Brothers?

The popular trio, Nick, Joe and Kevin, were in Washington, D.C., on Monday (August 18) to attend a briefing on diabetes and tape a public-service announcement about national parks, CNN reported. While there, they signed their names to the wall of a swimming pool that was also signed by, among others, first lady Laura Bush.

"There's other names up there that are just astounding, some of our favorite artists and politicians," Joe Jonas told the news network. "But it's going to be really cool to see that in 10 years, 20 years from now."

In the end, the Jonas Brothers might not be the most famous graffiti artists in the world, but you wouldn't know it from the sensation their appearance caused at the White House. According to CNN, Vice President Dick Cheney even brought his three granddaughters to meet the singing siblings.

It wasn't all fun and games for the famous brothers, though, who have visited the White House under less serious circumstances twice before, both times in 2007. For Nick Jonas, who suffers from diabetes, the morning briefing was a chance to learn more about the disease while solidifying his image as the face of the illness, he said, insisting that those afflicted have to stick together to make it through.

"A lot of kids feel lonely when they first get diagnosed with diabetes. I'm just so encouraged at the end of the day because all I'm trying to do is make it through another day managing diabetes," Nick Jonas told CNN. "They're just doing the same thing. We're all there for each other."

Nick was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 13.

Also important, they stressed, was a chance to tell kids about exercise, which they did in a PSA encouraging children to visit national parks.

"We run around onstage constantly for about an hour and 45 minutes, and we know what that can do. You just feel great at the end of the night and when you wake up in the morning," Kevin Jonas told the White House press corps.

So given that they've visited the Bush White House three times, and are noted Evangelical Christians, does that mean they'll be voting Republican?

Not so fast, Kevin said, refusing to endorse either candidate for this year's election.

"But we do — me and Joe are both of voting age — so we do endorse voting, getting to know the issues, learning about the candidates and [making] a decision for yourself," he said.

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