Mary-Kate Olsen Subpoenaed By DEA In Heath Ledger Investigation: Report

Actress will be forced to testify before a grand jury, according to 'Access Hollywood.'

Despite her claim that she has no information that would help clear up the mystery of Heath Ledger's overdose death, Mary-Kate Olsen has been issued a subpoena by the Drug Enforcement Administration office in New York, requiring her to testify in front of a grand jury.

In a statement issued on Monday, Olsen's lawyer said that the actress had nothing to do with the drugs that killed Ledger and that she has already cooperated with police in the investigation. Several media outlets also reported that Olsen had refused to speak to investigators unless she was granted immunity from prosecution.

"Access Hollywood" broke the news about the subpoena on Tuesday night, but gave no timeline for when Olsen might be called to testify. Five different medications were found in Ledger's body at the time of his death, three of which he'd gotten from doctors in Texas and Los Angeles. Officials are trying to determine how he got the OxyContin and Vicodin found in his apartment without a legal prescription.

Olsen was the first person that Ledger's housekeeper called after his masseuse found the actor dead from an accidental overdose in his New York apartment on January 22.

A lawyer not associated with the case, high-profile defense attorney Benjamin Brafman (who has defended P. Diddy and Michael Jackson in the past), told "Access Hollywood" that seeking immunity is not the same as admitting guilt. "It may not mean anything other than she's getting good legal advice," Brafman told the show. "You don't know what the DEA may suspect in this case, and I think it's a cautious way to proceed. I think it would be wrong to assume she's done something criminal simply because she's invoking her Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination."