Jay-Z Says He'd Be Open To Working With Noel Gallagher And Oasis: 'I Don't Bear Any Grudge' For Glastonbury Dis

Hov also talks about plans for next LP.

Jay-Z has had tremendous success during his tour of Europe, bowling over fans with a slew of festival appearances, including his historic appearance at England's Glastonbury Festival on Saturday.

"Well, I'm pretty much now in a great place, I'm in the zone," Sir Hova of Brooklyn told MTV Base this week. "Glastonbury was a historic event for me, I played Milton Keynes the day after that and it's just ... You know, I'm feeling the love. Any time you can come from where I come from — Brooklyn, New York, everybody knows the story — [and] come so far. It's not that it's that far, but to come overseas and have people embrace you the way I've been embraced thus far, it's just an amazing feeling."

One person who obviously didn't share the fans' feelings was Oasis' Noel Gallagher, who was a much-publicized critic of having a rapper headline the traditionally rock-centric Glastonbury fest. Maybe Gallagher's stance has softened in the wake of Jay's acclaimed performance — Jay told us he's heard the guitarist wants to have a conversation.

"I haven't spoken to him," Jay said. "I heard he was reaching out, but I haven't spoken to him."

Jay even said he's open to working with Oasis in the future should something suitable come up. "Anyone," he answered, when asked about who he'd be willing to work with. "Oasis as well — it doesn't matter to me, I don't bear any grudge, it's all good. I just believe in good music and bad music, I've always said that. You look at any interview from the beginning of time, I've always stated that I don't believe in the lines and classifications that people put music in so they can easily define it."

Once his current string of performances is behind him, Jay is hoping to lock in on the production of his next album.

"Well, after the tour, I'm going back home and we'll look at it and see if I can start a project this year," he said. "I would love to do it, to be honest with you. It would be a great thing to do when I come home from tour, but it's vibe. I can't say, 'On this date this is going to happen.' If I get home and the vibe is right, it'll happen. If not, then top of next year."

Although Jay has been rumored to have already started recording (producer Swizz Beatz told MTV News a few weeks ago he gave Hov some incredible tracks), the Brooklyn King stressed that he hasn't officially gone in on an album. He does seem to have everything already mapped out however.

"I can't give you the concepts or themes, but I've got a very clear direction of where I want to go with this one, and we'll see how it works."