Ashlee Simpson Plans To Change Name To Ashlee Simpson-Wentz

'Yeah, I think it's true,' husband Pete Wentz tells MTV News.

Ashlee Simpson will change her name to Ashlee Wentz, a spokesperson confirmed to MTV News.

The singer, who married Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz on May 17at her parents' home in Encino, California, is quoted in a story on saying that she'll now be known privately as Ashlee Wentz, and professionally as Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. She's making the change because "I think that that's something that a woman should do when they're marrying a man," she told People. "It's a tradition that I think is great."

According to the article, Wentz said that while he left the name-changing decision to his wife, he's more than flattered she chose to take his name.

"The Wentz family, our Christmas card just got upgraded!" he told the magazine. "It feels insane. It feels unreal."

So does this mean the pop star's next album will be credited to "Ashlee Simpson-Wentz"? A spokesperson for the couple did not respond to MTV News' request for comment on the matter, but we did manage to get a response from Wentz himself, who sort of confirmed the name change in an e-mail.

"Yeah, I think it's true," he wrote. "I wasn't there when Ash was talking, but on my side it is [true.]"

Whether she becomes Simpson-Wentz or not, Ash's name change is just the latest in an ever-growing list of tabloid-topping instances involving the couple. They first announced their engagementvia a blog post on back in April, and when rumors that Simpson was pregnant began to spread, Wentz e-mailed MTV News to deny them. Then, just two weeks ago, reports began to swirlthat the couple were planning a quickie marriage in order to evade paparazzi. Those reports, of course, turned out to be true.