Snoop Dogg's Widespread Appeal Makes Him Our #5 'Hottest MC In The Game'

The OG has surprised fans by revealing his sensitive side and his singing skills.

In summer 2007, the MTV News Hip-Hop Brain Trust sat down and had another controversial roundtable debate. Unlike previous discussions, the trustees devised a list of not the greatest ever, but the Hottest MCs in the Game right then. The rankings were based on lyrics, flow, impact on the game, success and swagger. The roundtable recently reconvened and came up with a brand-new list of Hottest MCs. Our experts used the same criteria, but only judged on the past year of hip-hop.

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It just didn't matter. Snoop said he didn't write his lyrics for his latest album, Ego Trippin'. His first single, "Sensual Seduction," mostly featured him singing through an Auto-Tune device. His next single, "My Medicine," is a country song. Country! Waylon Jennings, Conway Twitty (with the Afro) and Garth Brooks' type of country. The intrepid OG is getting away with murder and the Brain Trust members are his enablers. Snoop is in that Holy Land territory where people love him for being him almost more than for what he actually does. What's wrong with that? Honestly, can anyone really say that they aren't enamored with everything the Dogg is doing right now?

His latest LP is one of the most consistent of his career, rich with potentially massive singles and grounding cuts with street appeal. Onstage, Snoop is a walking, talking human superlative, as proven by his performance at last year's J.A.M. Awards and earlier this year on an episode of "VH1 Storytellers." His OG bluster can captivate crowds at concerts featuring rap artists like Rick Ross and Fat Joe, but he's just as irresistible co-headlining a rock-heavy tour with 311.

Snoop reeled in even more fans when he launched his reality show, "Snoop Dogg's Father Hood." On the show, the Long Beach native introduced us to his family and let people see him in settings as intimate as his wedding-vows renewal ceremony. He cried on the dance floor while listening to Guy's "Let's Chill" and taught his kids to play soccer with David Beckham. A second season is coming later in 2008, and with Ego Trippin' having a lot more life in its cycle, expect Snoop to contend for next year's list as well.

Co-Signer: DJ Drama

"I have to give credit for Snoop being real. I just think that that should show how confident and how real he is as an MC. Nobody can take that away from Snoop. Since '92 ... you can't say Snoop isn't an MC. So for him to have come out and said, 'I didn't write my raps on this last album' — we all know Snoop can rap. So I guess it would have to be taken into consideration that his biggest song was kind of sing-y, but he still spit his 16 at the end of it. Let's not front like don't nobody get no rhymes written for 'em. Snoop is man enough. Snoop is big enough in hip-hop to be able to say, 'I didn't write my rhymes. I let some young dudes do they thing.' I'm sure they probably got credited in the liner notes."

Blistering Ballistics

"They love it when I let down my hair/ From Jessica Alba to Jessica Simpson/ Even Jessica Biel wanna know how I feel/ So I let 'em all come to my back table/ Roll up and lick the paper if they able/ Bottles of everything, models and everything/ Everything goes and, yes, I mean everything/ Cocaine castles, I ain't sniffin'/ But baby that played in that one movie is trippin' .../ Act like you been around a boss, b----, settle down." — from "Deez Hollywood Nights"

Hot Streak


Ego Trippin'

Selected Mixtapes



"Sensual Seduction," "Life of Da Party," "My Medicine"

Street Bangers

"Neva Have 2 Worry," "Press Play"

Key Guest Appearances


Business Ventures

"Snoop Dogg's Father Hood," production company QDT Music Group (founded with DJ Quik and Teddy Riley)


Various festivals and spot dates

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