Foxy Brown Pleads Guilty In BlackBerry Assault Case, Avoiding Further Prison Time

'She's really happy and excited to move forward,' rapper's lawyer says of scrapped felony charges.

Just weeks after being released from prison, Foxy Brown avoided a trip back to Rikers Island on Thursday when she pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor charge of menacing in a Brooklyn, New York, courtroom.

According to Brown's lawyer, Laura Dilimetin, the plea deal allows the rapper (born Inga Marchand) to avoid a felony assault charge from an incident in 2007, during which she is alleged to have hit a Brooklyn woman, Arlene Raymond, in the face with a BlackBerry.

"There was no penalty and we consider it a victorious day today, and we're moving forward so she can focus on her career, family and fans," Dilimetin said. "She feels great. She's really happy and excited to move forward. We're very pleased with this outcome."

Brown was sentenced to time served and handed the judge a letter of apology, which puts the diva in the clear on all her outstanding legal cases, including an assault case in Florida that she recently pleaded out of. In that case, Brown was accused of throwing hair glue at an employee of a Florida beauty shop last year and allegedly scuffling with an officer who attempted to question her about the incident. She will serve six months' probation in that case and perform 15 hours of community service, as well as write apology letters to the store owner and the employee, according to the Miami Herald. She was also ordered to enroll in an anger management course and pay her court costs and fines.

Upon her release from Rikers Island prison on April 18 after serving eight months for a probation violation, Brown said she felt she had learned from her mistakes and would try to have better judgment in the future.

Some media outlets reported earlier this week that a bench warrant had been issued for Brown on Tuesday in connection with the BlackBerry case, but Dilimetin told MTV News that day that the warrant was issued in error due to a scheduling change by the court.

Dilimetin said she's also been told that there was a civil lawsuit filed in connection with the BlackBerry case but that she does not know who filed it because she hasn't seen the suit yet. "We're going to fight this civil lawsuit hard and make sure there are counter-claims against the person who filed it," she said.