David Banner Gets A-List Support For 'Get Like Me' Video: Chris Brown, Yung Joc -- And Barry Bonds!

Brown and Banner ham it up for MTV News, pretend to interview each other.

Barry Bonds declining a wardrobe change, the Maloof brothers taking dance lessons from Chris Brown — and David Banner showing off his guns for the first time. Who couldn't enjoy themselves on the Los Angeles set of Banner's "Get Like Me" video?

"It's a lot of ladies," Brown told MTV News, while sitting on his motorbike. "The whole thing has been fun — even just chilling with everybody."

Chris Brown guest-stars in the video and the song, as does Yung Joc.

"Making this record with Banner and Joc — me and Banner are real close friends," Brown said. "We did the movie 'This Christmas' and working [on the set], he said, 'I got this record that if you get on, I think it will be great.' I told him I didn't want to do a typical R&B record — I don't wanna do the hook-kinda thing that every other R&B artist does. I would more like to be in tune with the verse or do a verse almost like I'm rapping, but singing it. I recorded the song in [Virginia], he said, 'Oh word, that's dope.' "

Chris' chat with MTV News was then interrupted by Banner: The two began bantering in fake British accents, then brought it back to their native American-speak.

"I know that since he's a big superstar now, he's trapped in the tour bus and like, 'I wish I could just go out and just have fun!' " Banner joked of Brown.

"I ain't Michael [Jackson]!" Chris laughed.

"How great is Chris Brown?" Brown continued in the guise of a reporter questioning Banner.

"Chris Brown is all right, but we in the 'hood, so I can't really tell nobody how much I bump Chris Brown when the homies not around," the Mississippi rapper responded. "It's haawwwrd! Hawwwrd in the streets."

"I'm a gangsta dancer!" Brown said minutes later, yelling, "It's hard out here too! Ballets, pirouettes!"

Banner, Brown and Yung Joc would later be doing synchronized dancing and filming with an MLB legend.

"Barry Bonds came out!" Banner said with pride. "You know how y'all like to have your rappers' friends — Barry Bonds is here. Barry came fresh out of court to come holla at me. That's real."

Banner's Greatest Story Ever Told will be out toward the end of July. He said the reason it didn't come out last year as planned is because he's trying to build up his brand.

"When the album comes out, we're trying to make sure it's a statement," he explained. "Greatest Story Ever Told: Listen to the title. We have to make sure [the impact] matches."

Banner produced approximately 80 percent of the LP himself; Akon and the production team of Cool & Dre contributed as well. Guest vocals were secured from Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, T.I., UGK, Kandi Burrus (formerly of Xscape) and Jim Jones.

"Get Like Me" is all about stuntin', and in the video you'll see plenty of performance and glamour shots of women and Banner's own vehicles.