50 Cent Makes Shocking Allegations Against Young Buck, Says A Dis Track From Buck Is 'Inevitable'

Fif admits that Buck's recent behavior and habits played a role in his ouster from G-Unit.

NEW YORKShoot to Kill or Lock & Load? Nah. 50 Cent has abandoned the previous two names he was playing with for the June 24 G-Unit LP, but finally the Queens collective has settled on a title.

"T.O.S.," Tony Yayo revealed Tuesday in the MTV offices, as he sat next to 50 and Lloyd Banks. (See more from this interview in the Newsroom blog — where Fif says he might downsize his house so the G-Unit will party elsewhere — and talks about his recent weight loss and upcoming film.)

"Terminate on Sight," Fif explained. "It's like a spinoff — the sequel to [G-Unit's 2003 debut] Beg for Mercy. It was a statement towards the competition, towards other artists. T.O.S. is the version where you get more aggressive. This record embodies that. I kinda know where I need to go, because I tested the waters with the material I put out [on our mixtapes]. I get to tell with the response to certain records where I need to be and chill out from other stuff."

Last week, 50 announced that G-Unit member Young Buck had been relieved of his duties as part of the crew but was still signed to G-Unit Records as a solo artist. On Tuesday, Fif revealed that Buck is still contractually bound to be in the group as well but, for the most part, will not participate in their activities. Buck is featured on the album's first two singles, "Rider Part 2" and "I Like the Way She Do It," as well as a couple of other cuts from the project.

"He'll still be on those records," 50 said. "I wouldn't pull him off of the records. I like the records the way they are. He's on the [album] three or four times. He's not gonna be in the videos, but he can shoot [videos for] his solo project when he's done — when he gets himself together."

Buck's ouster, according to the Unit, was not just a 50 Cent choice. Banks and Yayo were in full agreement with the move.

"Before I make the decision, my decision is based on their discomfort to the situation," 50 detailed. "I can withstand it more because what he's doing isn't important. I'll be like, 'What did he say? Who was listening?' He'll throw tantrums because he's emotional. He says things."

50 admitted that it was Buck's recent behavior that prompted him to distance himself from his once-close group member. One of the last straws happened a couple of months ago, when Buck jumped onstage with Lil Wayne and Baby. Prior to that, Buck and 50 Cent had publicly denounced the Cash Money Millionaires. Buck had even made a verse dissing Wayne on the G-Unit track "The Party Ain't Over." And, of course, there was the interview that surfaced, in which Buck said he never received a royalty check from G-Unit Records. All these situations have the G-Unit General saying that it is fair to compare Buck to the Game, who was acrimoniously ousted from G-Unit in 2005.

"As far as Buck is concerned, he can be compared to Game because he did some of the same things," 50 added. "He went on and said he was cool with some of the people that it isn't public I'm cool with. The public's impression is [that] me and these people have issues. So how are you cool and we down with each other? When a person has that much inconsistencies in their character, how can you value them or call them a friend when you don't know what you gonna say or do tomorrow? That was the same issues I had with Nas. Nas didn't do anything to me. He was just so wishy-washy that I said, 'I can't value a friendship with you.' You can't gauge who they are. You call them a friend for what? So tomorrow when it's convenient for them to go in another direction, regardless what position it puts you in, they'll just do it?

"I'm a Cancer," 50 added. "I'll pull back and I'll cut you off — I don't care — once it gets to the point where it doesn't make sense to me."

"We feel the same way," Banks said. "If 50 gets resistance, we get the same resistance."

"50 took him and made him who he is today," Tony Yayo weighed in. "Where I'm from, you don't bite the hands that feed you. I just get confused. I just remember not having nothing. I never will bite the hand that feeds me."

The most staggering assertion 50 made of his former Unit member's behavior was that Buck has a drug problem, alleging that he's gained knowledge of Buck using cocaine and sipping on syrup (commonly a mixture of promethazine and codeine), the latter of which played a role in Pimp C's death earlier this year.

"Buck's probably high right now," he said, adding sarcastically, "He doesn't even get high anymore — he just maintains his [high]. You have to get sober to be high," 50 said. "When they say, 'Party like a rock star,' he goes beyond what they are talking about. Multiple, different sh--."

Despite multiple attempts, MTV News was unable to reach Young Buck or any of his representatives for comment about these allegations at press time.

50 thinks he knows what Buck's next move will be: a dis record. "That's inevitable," he said about Buck coming at the Unit on wax. "In confusion, you gonna try to do anything you can do to try and be aggressive. I predict he'll say disrespectful things as we move forward."

In fact, up-and-coming producer J.A. has informed MTV News that he and Buck are currently working on a mixtape called Honorable Discharge: Cashville Chronicles.

Buck's last public word on the friction with 50 came in last month's XXL magazine: "I'm just comfortable with my n---as, and I don't wanna see myself parting from something so dear to me."