'American Idol' Contender David Cook's Brother, Who Is Battling Cancer, Will Attend Show This Week

Adam Cook, who is battling brain cancer, will make the trip with help from the Terre Haute, Indiana, community.

"American Idol" rocker David Cook has not talked much about the stress of being away from home as his brother battles cancer, but it was reportedly that extra anxiety that helped land the singer in the hospital a few weeks ago. This week, in addition to the show's usual elimination drama, there could be another level of emotion. The Terre Haute Tribune-Star reported on Sunday that Adam Cook, 36, boarded a Learjet over the weekend to make the 2,000-mile trip from Indiana to watch his younger brother compete as one of the seven finalists on the show.

According to the paper, Adam, leaning on a cane, waved to friends and family before embarking on the improbable trip, which almost didn't happen when doctors grounded the lawyer's flight earlier in the week after determining that he could not fly commercially due to his condition. He is undergoing chemotherapy for his second diagnosis of brain cancer, which has spread to his spine. Luckily for Adam, who practiced law in Terre Haute until his condition worsened, his friends and a local councilman rallied behind him and arranged for an all-expenses-paid flight on a chartered medical jet, with a flight medic and flight nurse onboard to make sure he is stable. A local radio station also threw in a paid stay in a hotel just across the street from the Los Angeles studio where the "Idol" finalists perform.

The total cost of the flight and medical assistance is nearly $80,000.

"Idol" contender David, 25, is excited about his brother coming, according to Adam's wife, Kendra Cook. "I don't know what he'll be singing," she told the paper, "we've just talked about dinner and hanging out."

The couple had two days to arrange childcare for their kids, ages 5 and 6, and Kendra said the rapid way everything came together was worth it. "It has been an absolute whirlwind," she told the paper. "I'm so thrilled for Adam. ... It's been an awesome dream, an awesome goal, an awesome thought."

While a family friend said Adam was hoping the trip would not turn into a "circus," Kendra said her husband was sick in bed for several days the week prior to learning about the journey and that "the excitement of seeing his spirits lifted so high has been wonderful."

Kendra also told Terre Haute station WTHI that the Cook brothers have been in constant contact via phone and text message in the lead-up to their reunion. A spokesperson for "Idol" had no comment at press time.

David was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital on April 1 after experiencing heart palpitations and high blood pressure. At the time, an unnamed "Idol" executive reportedly told TMZ that the singer had been under extra stress that week because his brother had suffered a setback in his battle against cancer.

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