50 Cent Working With DJ Drama On G-Unit's First Gangsta Grillz Mixtape

'50 is a monster in the game, I'm a monster in the game. The combination is gonna kill the streets,' DJ Drama says.

DJ Drama promises that it will be one of the biggest mixtapes of the year. Arguably the top DJ in the mixtape field is teaming up with arguably the most renowned crew in the underground circuit. The first-ever G-Unit Gangsta Grillz is about to go into production.

"A couple of days after G-Unit dropped their Elephant in the Sand mixtape [two weeks ago], I got the call from 50 [Cent] and he was like, 'Drama, what up? It's time to do this G-Unit/ Aphilliates Gangsta Grillz.' He's really going heavy on the ThisIs50.com Web site, and he was saying basically it's time to get G-Unit hot in the South. What better way to do that than to do a Gangsta Grillz? Not only from a South aspect but from a quality street-music aspect. Me and Whoo Kid talked the other day, Fif and G-Unit are getting songs together, [my artists] Willie Da Kid and La Da Darkman are getting some songs together. I reached out to the King and told him it's a special project; I need him to get busy. We're gonna go in."

"The King" Drama is referring to is, of course, none other than the King of the South, T.I. Drama said he's also reached out to a slew of his other friends from the South and told them to get their best material ready. Fif's DJ, Whoo Kid, will also be heavily involved in putting the project together.

"Look out for some skits," Drama said. "Whoo Kid is a jokester. I'mma bring some personality to the table. We're gonna have fun with it. Let the mixtape game come back to life. It's been over a year since the historical [RIAA] raid, and the mixtape game is still here. That's what we're out to prove. 50 is a monster in the game, I'm a monster in the game. The combination is gonna kill the streets."

Drama just released the mixtape The Notorious L.A.D. from La the Darkman, while 50 and the Unit have been on a rampage for the past six months with Sabrina's Baby Boy, Return of the Body Snatchers and Elephant in the Sand.

"He's still working like he's hungry and putting product out every day," Dram said of Fif. "You can't take it as nothing but motivation."

Drama said the G-Unit Gangsta Grillz should be out in early to mid-April and available for free download on ThisIs50.com and GangstaGrillz.com.