'Hannah Montana' Star Miley Cyrus Raves About Hilary Duff, Lays Out Five-Year Plan

'Hopefully, I can just keep singing and acting and just doing what I love and living the dream,' actress/singer says.

BURBANK, California — Miley Cyrus isn't just the world's biggest pop sensation. As the star of the Disney Channel's absurdly popular "Hannah Montana" TV show and a soon-to-be blockbuster 3-D movie, and the voice behind a #1 album, she's become a veritable voice of a whole generation. Go ahead — ask any teen or tween girl.

Now, with "Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert," the girl behind the wig is going to step out into the spotlight for the first time. MTV News recently caught up with the 15-year-old starlet to talk about the biggest differences between her two stage personas, who she looks up to, and where she sees herself in five years.

MTV: The movie is subtitled from one of your songs, "The Best of Both Worlds." What does that mean to you? Why is it important for you to show the world both Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus: Because the kids can relate to the TV show, so I think having Hannah come up onstage is really — it gives it, like, a cool vibe. [But] it shows [just] one girl, but definitely two sides. I like that — you get both tastes of music. And I think it's just really fun. I mean, it was so perfect to name this tour "Best of Both Worlds." It really couldn't have got any better.

MTV: That said, in the film, you do such an easy transition between Hannah and Miley. But what's the biggest difference between the two?

Cyrus: All the styles — not only the hair and the makeup and the wardrobe, all that kind of stuff — it's more the style of music. It's more of a poppy vibe for Hannah, more of like a rock and roll. The [recent] album was called [Hannah Montana 2:] Meet Miley Cyrus, and [that] was more real-life scenarios I could put to a tune.

MTV: So what's something that your fans are gonna watch in this movie and learn about you, the real Miley Cyrus?

Cyrus: I think more than seeing me onstage, it's seeing me backstage, because you get to see me hanging out with my family and my buddies, and riding around in the golf carts. They did such a good job of not overdoing it and making it where you're lilike, "OK, rehearsal, rehearsal!" You get to see me having fun. I like that because they get to really see why I do what I do — it's 'cause I love it.

MTV: My nieces, hand to God, know every single lyric of every single song you've ever put out.

Cyrus: Oh, that is so sweet.

MTV: What do you think in five years they're gonna have memorized? Where does the Miley Cyrus train go from here?

Cyrus: I don't know. I mean, hopefully, I definitely wanna keep doing more writing and another album. So hopefully I can do that sometime this year, but also some films. I'd love to definitely do some more movies, more where I can be an artist and an actress. I'm really excited just to really dig deep into a character.

MTV: In the movie, you're like all the Beatles rolled into one, with all the girls outside screaming and chanting.

Cyrus: Right!

MTV: So on the converse, who's someone that you look up to and idolize?

Cyrus: I think all the Disney girls. They always try to take good girls and make them something that they're not, and so I think that — I just really give them their props for standing up, because it gives all of us [hope]. We're a team. When I'm [out], I'm not only representing myself and the channel, I'm representing all the guys and the girls that are on the channel.

MTV: I've heard you look up to Hilary Duff in particular. Is that right?

Cyrus: Yeah, because she's on Disney, or was on Disney Channel, and she's kind of set the way for all of us, not only just in a business sense, but [by] saying that it is OK to be a good girl. Like, that's cool! It's kind of just given us all inspiration to go out. Whether it was her or not, I would definitely be doing what I'm doing, but she definitely made it more acceptable.

MTV: Is she someone you'd like to follow, to have a career like hers?

Cyrus: For sure. I wanna do it my own way, and I have different ways. [But] she's very vocal about it as well. She likes going out and talking about being a good role model. [Similarly,] in the things I do, like a 3-D movie, where you get to see that it's not fake, it's not just being at an interview and saying, "Yeah, I wanna be a good girl." It's really showing you making right decisions in the movie.

MTV: Have you ever gotten a chance to talk to her? What was the best piece of advice she's ever given you?

Cyrus: It was basically just, "Remember why you do what you do — 'cause you love it." I mean, it definitely stinks when there's an early call time and it's not the best part when you're doing the same thing over and over. There's downs. But remember why you do it. It's not only because you love the business side of it, but looking out and seeing girls smile, you know. When there's not much, when they're going through a negative time in their life, being the one positive thing that they can hold on to, I mean, that's really amazing.

MTV: Is there a dream scenario you have, let's say, when you're 20? In a perfect world, where would you be?

Cyrus: Perfect world is, I think, pretty much now, what I'm doing. Hopefully, I can just keep singing and acting and just doing what I love and living the dream.

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