'Meet The Spartans' Kicks 'Rambo' Into A Box-Office Pit

'Cloverfield' experiences monstrous second-week drop in sales.

The Box-Office Top Five

#1 "Meet the Spartans" ($18.7 million)

#2 "Rambo" ($18.5 million)

#3 "27 Dresses" ($13.6 million)

#4 "Cloverfield" ($12.7 million)

#5 "Untraceable" ($11.2 million)

It was a sequel 20 years in the making, but "Rambo" couldn't live up to the hype as "Meet the Spartans" drew "First Blood" at the box office, taking in $18.7 million to win the weekend. After last year's "Epic Movie," the "300" parody is the second consecutive spoof flick from the writing and directing team of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer to come in at #1. And the best part? It's just in time for Oscar season!

"Rambo" was just a tick behind with $18.5 million in its first week. But while Sylvester Stallone was counting dollars and cents for the franchise's first installment since 1988, we were counting words and deaths. As in, which were there more of in "Rambo"? My money's on deaths.

Speaking of deaths (this is why I'm a writer, people — smooth transitions), "Cloverfield" dropped like the Statue of Liberty's head, falling 68.3 percent in its second weekend to come in fourth place with just $12.7 million. It's the biggest second-week drop in history for a movie that made over $20 million in its first week, and just a shade off the biggest second-week drop for any movie. Sorry J.J. — the secret's out: If "Cloverfield" ends its run short of a $100 million haul, it'll be the movie with the biggest-ever debut to do so. Monstrous indeed.

Proving there's nothing quite like counterprogramming, "27 Dresses" continued to impress in its second weekend, earning $13.6 million for a third-place finish. "Untraceable," the weekend's other big new release came in fifth place with $11.2 million.

The little indie that could suddenly became the little blockbuster that could as "Juno" crossed the magical $100 million mark on the heels of several Oscar nominations. "Alvin and the Chipmunks," meanwhile, crossed $200 million in its seventh week. Bring on the Chipettes.

Upcoming Releases

Jessica Alba goes from "Fantastic Four" to fantastically blind in "The Eye," while Hannah Montana turns into Miley Cyrus (and vice versa) in "Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour." Who will win the weekend? One thing's for certain: It sure as heck won't be the New York Giants.

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