Britney Spears Denies Pregnancy Rumors As Concerns For Her Survival Intensify

Inappropriate photographs of the singer surface; news organizations confirm they are preparing obituaries.

Britney Spears is not pregnant, as photos that just surfaced online demonstrate.

The singer had been photographed at a Rite Aid in Los Angeles on Monday browsing home-pregnancy tests with her paparazzo boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib. She sparked speculation about her state of fertility with the photo stunt, a sort of is-she-or-isn't-she game, as her associate Sam Lufti told "Access Hollywood." "It's all bullsh--," he said. "They're just toying with the paparazzi."

Spears dispelled the rumors herself when asked if she had tested positive, telling photographers and videographers, "I never had a pregnancy test. It was for my friend." (We assume she meant Ghalib, whose photo agency, FinalPixx, had the exclusive on the shopping shot.) Whether intentional or not, the singer later provided further evidence that would seem to confirm that statement, via a series of highly inappropriate photos taken by paparazzi as she left a Kitson clothing store late Wednesday night.

The singer's disheveled appearance and erratic behavior as of late — which resulted in her being hospitalized against her will earlier this month — has caused concern from her family, fans and peers, not to mention mental-health experts. Accordingly, The Associated Press acknowledged Thursday (January 17) that the news service had begun prepping Spears' obituary, as is standard operating procedure at most news organizations once public figures appear to be at risk. (It's a practice we at MTV News follow as well.)

"We are not wishing it, but if Britney passed away, it's easily one of the biggest stories in a long time," AP entertainment editor Jesse Washington told Us Weekly. "I think one would agree that Britney seems at risk right now. Of course, we would never wish any type of misfortune on anybody and hope that we would never have to use it until 50 years from now ... but if something were to happen, we would have to be prepared."

According to a recent E-Poll/Reuters survey of 1,941 American adults, the majority of people believe that alcohol or drugs is to blame for Spears' recent troubles (62 percent), while a few voiced the opinion that she is suffering from a mental illness.