Foxy Brown Asks For Early Release From Prison, Says Her 'Health Is In Jeopardy': Report

Rapper's attorney reportedly says further ear damage 'will have dire consequences.'

Foxy Brown — who experienced deafness for a year before having surgery for severe and sudden sensorineural hearing loss in 2006 — is pleading with a judge for an early release from prison due to her ear condition, Reuters reports.

"I ask you to please take into consideration that my health is in jeopardy," Brown (real name: Inga Marchand) reportedly wrote in a handwritten letter that was filed Tuesday as part of an appeal at New York State Supreme Court. "Yes, I've made some bad choices and stupid mistakes," she continued in the four-page letter. "But please understand that sitting in a prison with murderers and criminals is not rehabilitating or what I need to deal with my inner issues."

Brown's lawyer also argued that the incarceration of the rapper, who had an electronic device put into her right ear during the surgery, is unfair in light of her ear condition. "If her hearing is damaged any further, it will affect the way she hears and it will affect the way she sings," Laura Dilimetin argued. "It will have dire consequences on her ability to maintain her profession and livelihood."

Brown — who was moved out of solitary confinement in late November after serving 40 of 76 days in punitive segregation — also wrote in her letter, "Up until now, you've only heard about Foxy Brown the artist. I'd like to show you Inga Marchand the beautiful person that my mom raised me to be. Jail has shaken me to my core, and my time away has impacted me greatly." She has been in jail since August 22 for violating her probation multiple times.