Pete Wentz Is Welcome For Xmas With The Simpsons, Contrary To Rumor

Fall Out Boy bassist says his holiday plans are uncertain, but Joe Simpson 'called me to let me know he expects me to show up for Xmas.'

Perhaps you've heard the rumors that Pete Wentz was "banned" from attending Christmas dinner at his girlfriend Ashlee Simpson's house after Ash's dad, Joe, read an interview Wentz gave to Blender magazine, in which he claimed to have kissed other men.

Yes, just last week, "inside sources" reportedly told Star magazine that "Joe was skeptical about the relationship from the start ... there is a rumor that Pete tried to commit suicide, but with the news of his possible bisexuality, Joe blew his top."

How dramatic! And while the reports of a Wentz-less Christmas dinner at the Simpson estate lend themselves to some rather hilarious scenarios — imagine the entire family sitting around a table, Jess with Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo, Ash sulking next to an empty chair meant for her possibly bisexual, bass-playing boyfriend, Joe rolling up the sleeves of his sweater and carving the turkey, Mannheim Steamroller's Christmas Extraordinaire surging epically in the background — they are also not true.

This according to Wentz himself, who e-mailed MTV News on Monday to let everyone know that while he hasn't firmed up any dinner plans, he is more than welcome at Ashlee's house on Christmas.

"I think Joe gets a really bad rap in the press. He's always been nothing but nice to me," Wentz wrote. "He even called me to let me know he expects me to show up for Xmas. So there's no truth to that [rumor.]"

Glad we got that cleared up! And now that we know that everything's good with his potential father-in-law, we figured that it'd be in everyone's best interest to hear just how Wentz plans on celebrating Christmas this year. As it turns out, he's planning a simple, low-key affair: just a tiny tree, some dog pee and, of course, plenty of "Transformers."

"This is the first year I got my own Christmas tree. It's a little guy and my dog keeps peeing on it, but it's mine. I got a bunch of tacky Transformers ornaments for it," he wrote. "Hopefully, I don't get a stocking full of coal. I feel like I should end up on the 'kinda nice' list this year. Good thing I know Patrick."