Ludacris To Play 'Intellectual Heavy' In Forthcoming Film 'Game'

Rapper will play freedom fighter in survival-contest action flick.

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico — Ludacris has recorded the song "Game Got Switched," narrated the documentary "The Heart of the Game" and even rapped with the Game. And while he may have always had game, now, he's got "Game."

"Ludacris is in the movie," producer David Rubin revealed to MTV News on the set of the forthcoming "The Sims"-meets-"The Running Man" action flick, from the creators of "Crank." "He's the intellectual heavy of the movie, in a lot of ways."

The film's complicated plot is described as taking place "some years from this very moment," at a time when our nation's prison system has been privatized. The company has implanted chips in prisoners' brains that turn them into flesh-and-blood avatars, all in the name of a futuristic video game called "Slayers." Together, prisoner Kable ("300" star Gerard Butler) and the rich kid controlling his actions, Simon (Logan Lerman, "3:10 to Yuma"), must navigate the real-life final levels that will earn the possibly wrongly accused inmate his freedom.

Luda — who won rave reviews for his roles in "Crash" and "Hustle & Flow," appears in the just-released "Fred Claus" and will be in Guy Ritchie's "RocknRolla" — joins the film as a member of a rebellious organization alongside "Beowulf" star Alison Lohman.

"She's part of a group that is trying to free the players trapped in this game," explained Rubin, standing in the middle of a massive BMX-bike course strewn with bodies, discarded machine guns and human limbs. "They see themselves as this technological resistance group [of freedom fighters]. It's kinda neat."

"Ludacris is part of this 'Humanz' resistance group," the producer said of his newest star, now part of a cast that also includes Kyra Sedgwick and John Leguizamo. "He plays a very cool character."

The MC is expected to begin work soon on the high-adrenaline flick, which is in the middle of a lengthy shooting schedule. While refusing to rule out the notion of the rapper/actor contributing a song to the film's eventual soundtrack, Rubin laughed, "Let's let him get here, and get into the movie first."

In other news, the producers also revealed that although "Game" is the current title adorning the chairs and signs around the Albuquerque set, the film will most likely sport a different moniker when it hits theaters towards the end of next year (keep checking back here for a full set report, coming soon). But even if it's not "Game," Ludacris is still ready to play. "It's not a comical role," Rubin said of the plan for Luda's character. "He's cool."

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