Britney Spears Allegedly Runs Over Cop's Feet

Los Angeles Police Department confirms to MTV News that incident is being investigated.

You'd think after running over the feet of two paparazzi that Britney Spears would be a little more careful driving. Yet the Los Angeles Police Department tells MTV News that it's investigating the singer for yet another similar incident — and this time, instead of running over a photographer's foot, Spears allegedly ran over a cop's feet.

Since police are at the initial stages of the investigation, it's too soon to determine whether the singer will be charged with a crime, though that step could come as soon as next week. It's also too soon to say whether she would be charged with a misdemeanor or felony, the Los Angeles City Attorney's office told MTV News.

The injured officer was among those helping the singer navigate her car through the paparazzi at her custody hearing in Los Angeles on Friday. The hearing was held after Spears and her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, requested changes in the orders pertaining to their current custody arrangement. But Los Angeles Superior Court Commission Scott Gordon delayed ruling until Tuesday, when he ruled that singer had not made sufficient progress to warrant major changes to her arrangement with Federline.

Last month, video footage of Spears apparently driving over a paparazzo's foot surfaced on gossip site Hollywood.TV, just hours after the singer's visitation rights with her kids had been suspended. Spears appeared to have run over the foot of the paparazzo — later identified as a TMZ photographer — while attempting to leave a doctor's office in Beverly Hills, California, in her white Mercedes convertible. Her car was surrounded by photographers, including one who went down while standing in the path of the luxury car. TMZ producer Gillian Sheldon later told The Associated Press that the photographer had no plans to file a police report over the incident.