Rosario Dawson Acts As Muse For New Projects: 'Descent,' 'Eagle Eye,' More

Actress also talks Occult Crimes Taskforce but is more or less mum on 'Sin City 2' plans.

"Sing, heavenly Rosario."

From Homer to William Shakespeare, when classical writers wanted inspiration, they turned their prayers to the Muses, divine beings thought to encourage creation through their otherworldly grace and beauty.

Yup, that pretty much sums up Rosario Dawson, a seeming goddess of creation for several writers — from Kevin Smith to the creators of the comic book team Occult Crimes Taskforce to "Descent" writer/director Talia Lugacy — all of whom drew inspiration from the 28-year-old beauty for their upcoming projects.

(Watch Rosario tell Kurt Loder about her new movie, "Occult Crimes Taskforce," Cannes, "Sin City 2," and Glastonbury.)

It's a blessing that has led her down a dark road in "Descent," said Dawson, in which she stars as a woman who has to deal with the aftermath of a violent sexual assault.

"[Lugacy said,] 'Know that we're doing [the film] with you in mind, and we're gonna have things done to you — we're not going to write it unless you're willing to go there and do it, because it's going to be painful just to write,' " Dawson told MTV News. "And I said, 'Absolutely, let's go.' "

So just how controversial is "Descent"? The flick is a twisted, troubled tale that, according to Dawson, is true to life, and actually winds up implicating the audience as well.

"It's not the story where it's in-the-court drama, where the sexual violence occurs and everyone gets to talk about it. This is a story about a woman who doesn't tell anybody [about the assault], which I think is far more often the case, unfortunately," she insisted. "[It] makes the audience complicit of the experience in a way that hasn't been asked of them before."

"Descent," however, isn't the only upcoming movie written for Dawson, whose likeness graces the pages of "O.C.T.," a fantasy series that uses live-action photos of the "Sin City" star as a reference for its comic panels. According to Dawson, it's a remarkable partnership that has actually caused a long-rumored movie adaptation to be delayed, with the studio and comic creators at loggerheads over how to "differentiate what would be a movie product and what would be a comic product [for merchandising]," Dawson said.

But while "O.C.T." continues on in comic form — the next series will center on werewolves used for illegal dog fights, Dawson revealed — the sequel to the aforementioned comic book movie that shot her to fame has been "put on the back burner," she said.

"I wish I had a dollar for everybody who asked me about 'Sin City,' " she said of the project (see "Depp, Banderas To Call 'Sin City' Home? Rodriguez, Dawson Talk Sequels"). "I know Frank [Miller] and Robert [Rodriguez] are setting up [other movies]. We'll see what happens."

If and when it gets made (everyone's game for it, said Dawson), the actress would play a prominent role, as her character, Gail, is central to "A Dame to Kill For," the volume on which "Sin City 2" is expected to be based.

Another project in the seemingly endless turnaround is "Poor Things," a comedy Dawson was supposed to star in alongside Lindsay Lohan, Olympia Dukakis and Shirley MacLaine.

"It's a genius idea based on a true story of these two old women in Venice Beach [California, who] were getting life-insurance policies on homeless people and then killing them and then collecting the money," she revealed of the film's plot. "These two fringe societies playing off each other, and no one's really noticing. No one's looking at the elderly and no one's looking at the homeless."

Not that the much-in-demand Dawson will be sitting on her hands waiting for these films to start — not with several high-profile projects lined up, including "Eagle Eye," a new thriller from the mind of Steven Spielberg about a young man and a single mother framed as terrorists (see "Rosario Dawson, Michelle Monaghan Cast In Shia LaBeouf's Next Flick With 'Disturbia' Director").

"It's about terrorism and counter-terrorism, and I'll be playing a kind of investigator," she said, clarifying her role in the D.J. Caruso-directed flick. "Saving America," she continued, laughing. "You can count on it."

Rosario Dawson saving America? One inspired artist, it seems, at a time.

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