Foxy Brown Hits Back With 'We Don't Surrender' — But Who Won't She Surrender To?

Rapper's new manager reiterates claim that Brown wasn't robbed.

Foxy Brown is fighting back in a new freestyle titled "We Don't Surrender," which was released on the Internet on Monday (July 2).

What exactly she won't surrender to still remains unclear. But ever since the rapper went to police claiming to have been attacked and robbed June 23 in a Brooklyn, New York, housing project, NYC tabloids have been in a frenzy covering Brown and her every move (see "Was Foxy Brown Robbed Last Weekend Or Not?").

Her camp has since denied that Brown was robbed in the first place, and the rapper told The New York Post that she wasn't even in New York at the time of the alleged incident. Despite this claim, police confirmed the incident to MTV News and other media outlets.

Brown's new manager, Chaz Williams, claims that Foxy's bag was simply lost. Williams said he ventured into the Louis H. Pink Houses to retrieve the missing items.

But now Fox is addressing the issue herself in the freestyle, which features rapper Grafh, another client of Williams' and president of the manager's Black Hand Entertainment.

"I'm a gangsta, baby, and still stuntin'/ Cops want to talk to Fox," Brown raps over the synth-heavy production. "I knows nothing/ F--- what the papers say/ They got nothing/ I'm staying and I'm fighting, b---h, I'm not runnin'."

According to multiple reports, authorities in New York are pushing for Brown to discuss the incident again, but so far the rapper has declined to cooperate.

Last week, The Associated Press reported that the woman who Brown fingered as her assailant, Roshawn Anthony, 23, of Brooklyn, was released from police custody after Brown failed to show up and testify against her.

A spokesperson for the New York probation office declined to comment to MTV News as to whether Brown's refusal to assist with the ongoing investigation is a violation of her probation. Brown's lawyer, New York State Senator Jack Sampson, could not be reached for comment as of press time regarding his client's decision not to testify.

Grafh, however, confirmed to MTV News that he and Brown recorded "We Don't Surrender" in order for her to address all the attention directed her way recently. He said the track was also released as a buzz record for Brown's next project, which will be titled Brooklyn Don Diva (not Black Roses, as had previously been reported).

"We just taking a stand against whatever they may be saying negative about her," Grafh said. "She's just letting them know she ain't surrendering, she ain't going nowhere, [and Black Hand] don't cooperate with police. We stand our own ground, and we hold firm. We don't wave white flags.

"She's a real individual," he added. "She's the type of person that lives what she says. So you have to respect that if not anything else."