Michael Moore Pitches 'Sicko' To Teens: 'I'm Telling You To Stick It To The Man!'

Filmmaker says Fox News might actually steer more young people to his new flick.

Cars transform into robots! Peter Parker turns evil! Bruce Willis single-handedly saves the entire United States!

Oh, and a chubby guy in a baseball cap yaks about health insurance.

Which movie are you going to see this summer?

Lefty filmmaker Michael Moore remains convinced that a summer full of action-packed sequels won't prevent teens from seeing his latest documentary "Sicko," an exposé of the U.S. health-care industry.

"Oh yeah! Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah, yeah, yeah," he replied when asked if they'll check out "Sicko." Really?

"The reasons my films have been, I think, popular amongst teenagers is because I'm, like, an adult your dad's age, but I'm telling you to stick it to the man!" he laughed. "I want young people to rebel. I want them to break the rules, to not just do what they're told."

(Watch Michael Moore explain why you should see "Sicko," right here.)

And break the rules they did. Well, someone did. As everyone now knows, "Sicko" was illegally leaked online last week, making it available for download a full two weeks before its official Friday release (read an interview with Michael Moore about the leak right here, or watch him brush it off right here.)

"I've always been happy in the past when teenagers have downloaded pirated copies of my movies because my movies to this point have always been R-rated," he said. "Teenagers should be able to see my movies, and they haven't been able to, so they're downloading them and they're sharing them, and I think that's great."

The businesspeople behind "Sicko" obviously didn't share Moore's enthusiasm for piracy. After threatening legal action against the culprit, they decided to hold special "sneak peek" screenings of "Sicko" in 27 markets last weekend.

Moore himself showed up at a few of the screenings in Manhattan, New York, creating a wild frenzy among devotees. Moore's distributor, the Weinstein Company, claimed tickets to the advance screenings were being scalped for as high as $40.

So perhaps Moore is right that the youth of America has an interest in the history of health care in the U.S.?

"In our last election, we had more young people vote than in any election since 18-year-olds were given the right to vote in 1972," he said. "That's incredible when you think about that. In fact, it was the only age group that John Kerry won.

"All the polls show that health care is going to be the #1 domestic issue in this election," he added.

Moore even said he isn't intimidated by the influence millions of Fox News-loving parents may have on their children's viewing choices.

"At 17 you go, 'That Michael Moore must be cool, because Mom and Dad think that he sucks,' " he laughed. "So the more parents that are watching Fox News and saying, 'Don't listen to that Michael Moore,' I think it's just code to their teenagers to maybe pay attention to some of the things I'm saying.

"We need more people asking questions," he continued. "We're going to lose what we have in this country. So I want young people to come to my movie and to go, 'Yeah, yeah! Go Mike! F--- 'em up,' you know? I think that's why teenagers like to go to my films, and I think they're going to love this film."

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