Was Foxy Brown Robbed Last Weekend Or Not?

Police confirm Brown reported robbery early Saturday, although rapper denies it.

Was she or wasn't she?

That seems to be the main question regarding a robbery incident involving Foxy Brown that took place early Saturday morning in a housing project in Brooklyn, New York.

According to a report in New York's Daily News, the rapper was robbed outside of the Louis H. Pink Houses in the borough's East New York neighborhood.

However, New York Post reported on Monday (June 25) that Foxy (real name: Inga Marchand) denied being in New York at the time the crime was committed, and said she must have been mistakenly identified.

"I have friends all over Brooklyn but I was not there last night," she told the newspaper on Sunday. "I just got back this morning from Miami.

"A lot of the time, people mistake me for someone else, or people always call in these false tips," she continued.

However, a spokesman for the New York Police Department told MTV News on Monday that the robbery victim was indeed Foxy Brown, and that she filed a formal complaint with a local precinct shortly afterward, at approximately 5:30 a.m. on Saturday.

"A perp by the name of Roshawn Anthony did take part in an assault and robbery of a victim, the victim being Inga Marchand," Detective Carlos Nieves said. "This was on the 23rd of June and she was arrested at 6:45 am in front of 802 Crescent Street [in Brooklyn]. The complaint was filed by Inga Marchand." Anthony denied the charges, according to The Associated Press.

According to the report filed by Brown, she told police she was approached in her car by Anthony, 23, and three other individuals on the Northeast corner of Crescent Street and Stanley Avenue.

By use of physical force, Brown was accosted and stripped of a Louis Vuitton bag, approximately $500, miscellaneous credit cards and her hearing aid. The rapper was not severely beaten, as some news reports have suggested.

Anthony was arrested about an hour after the incident occurred and she has since been charged with two counts of robbery. Police confirmed that no weapons were used in the incident.

Calls placed to the offices of Foxy's attorney, New York State Senator Jack Sampson, for comment had not been returned at press time.

Brown has had ongoing legal issues in recent months. She pleaded guilty in August to misdemeanor assault charges resulting from a 2004 fight with salon workers over payment for a manicure (see "Foxy Brown Pleads Not Guilty To Nail-Salon Assault"). She was sentenced to three years' probation in October 2006. She was also charged with battery and resisting an officer in Florida in February in another incident involving a beauty-shop employee.

She has also been attempting to revive her musical career, amid challenges stemming from reported hearing loss (see "Foxy Brown Returns: Deafness Cured, She's Back To Work").