Avril Lavigne Finds A New 'Girlfriend': 'Lip Gloss' Diva Lil Mama

Up-and-coming MC hops on remix of rocker's new hit.

Even though Avril Lavigne is throwing quite a bit of salt in her rival's game in the song "Girlfriend," the singer recently displayed some female solidarity for a new version of the song. She chose up-and-coming rapper Lil Mama to throw some raps on the hit ditty.

"I heard Lil Mama was working with one of my producers and that she really liked 'Girlfriend' and had done a remix version," Lavigne said. "I heard about it and thought it would be great to work together, because I think she's really talented. We're all really excited about it."

(Catch up with Avril and Mama on the set of their video for the "Girlfriend" remix.)

Mama, whose "Lip Gloss" cracked the "TRL" top 10 this week (see "Lil Mama Hopes To Make It Big With Some Help From 'Lip Gloss' "), is even giddier to team up with Lavigne.

"I think she was up on 'Lip Gloss,' but I didn't meet her or anything," Mama explained. "I submitted the remix 'cause I was feeling her song. She had other offers but decided to go with me, so I feel blessed that I'm the one she wanted to work with.

"The beat is crazy, it's a rock joint," Mama added. "I'm into different types of music, so I thought it was a good opportunity for me. I'm just rapping about the song; I'm sticking to theme. She's like, 'I don't like your girlfriend.' I'm saying the same thing from a rapper's point of view. You know how a new person introduces themselves on a track because the world doesn't know them? I'm still doing that; introducing who Lil Mama is, but I'm also sticking to the topic so it makes sense."

Mama has also done an unofficial remix of Rihanna's "Umbrella" — which she's posted along with the "Girlfriend" mix on her MySpace page — and an official remix of Sean Kingston's "Beautiful Girl," which is coming soon. Her debut, Voice of the Young People, is due in September. The next single will be called "Put 'Em Down," and we should hear that this summer.