'Harry Potter' In Rob Zombie's Hands? 'Very Violent With A Lot Of Nudity'

Zack Snyder, David Fincher and more directors weigh in on what they'd do with final 'Potter' flick.

Is the revolving door done spinning?

After the first two "Harry Potter" films, it appeared there would be a different director for each subsequent flick — with Alfonso Cuarón, Mike Newell and then David Yates stepping in to expand on the world Chris Columbus first created onscreen.

But now that Yates — who helmed the forthcoming "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" — has signed on to return for "Half-Blood Prince" (see "MTV News Exclusive: David Yates To Direct 'Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince' "), that leaves only one slot left if the franchise passes the wand yet again.

(See the directors of "American Beauty," "Napoleon Dynamite" and more talk about what they'd bring to the final "Harry Potter" film.)

While it's anyone's guess whether one of the previous directors will finish the series off, we wonder — what if someone new came aboard? What would the final film look like if, say, Terry Gilliam or Tim Burton were heading it up? Since the Potter-verse offers so many possibilities, we've asked this question before, with varying results (see "Harry Potter, You Got Served! How Other Directors Would Handle The 'Potter' Flicks"), and we're still asking. Here's our latest batch of answers:

Rob Zombie ("Halloween"): "I'd probably be very violent with a lot of nudity. That's what it needs. Harry should say 'f---' a lot. That would spice it up."

Zack Snyder ("300"): "The problem with Harry Potter is that you can't do it different from the books. Do you want to see them having sex or shooting each other or fighting? Sure. My knee-jerk reaction is to just make everything an R-rated movie, and so I'm like, 'They should be darker!' you know? I do kind of feel they're going in the right direction. They've been sort of growing the films with the characters. So the films are getting darker and intense as the kids have been getting older. I think that makes sense. And it'd be awesome [if Harry dies in the end]."

David Fincher ("Zodiac"): "Could I make it darker than Alfonso's? I don't know. [Should Harry die?] As all good teenagers must."

George Miller ("Happy Feet"): "The thing that struck me, thinking back to the '60s and '70s, is that at the end of every really popular movie, the heroes or the protagonists died in some way. From 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,' 'Bonnie and Clyde' ... the last movie that did that seems to have been 'Thelma & Louise.' If you really look back, there's so many movies where it was just OK for the main characters to die. It was just part of what was happening. I still don't understand what that was, whether there was a kind of fatalism that came in the '60s as a result of the Vietnam War, I have no idea. It'd be interesting — and bold — [if Harry dies in the end]. Then it would be like that has come a full life cycle."

Tom Tykwer ("Perfume"): "What I like about the 'Harry Potter' series is, the older Harry gets, the more scary the movies are, and I think I would push for the scary parts more than what has been done. It's getting there. I'm curious how far they're daring to go there."

Edgar Wright ("Hot Fuzz"): "I think I'd like to see Daniel Radcliffe naked and mutilating horses [like he did in the play 'Equus' in London's West End]. It's amazing in the U.K., the poster outside the theater is absolutely enormous. It's crazy. It's three stories high — a picture of Daniel Radcliffe with his shirt off. It's quite distressing."

Edward Zwick ("Blood Diamond"): "At the time of the first 'Harry Potter,' I think my first daughter was 8 or 9 and I was reading it to her. I certainly would have known what to do with that. That would have been fun. She would have been very happy had I done it, trust me. But now? I don't know. I think it was wonderful when I saw Cuarón's third episode of it. I think he reinvented it. He did a really great job. I'm not sure I'd want to be the fifth director, though."

Guillermo del Toro ("Pan's Labyrinth"): "I actually got offered the third one, before Alfonso, and I actually asked the question, 'What about Alfonso?' Because I thought he was perfect for it. I really love the books, they're incredibly rich and textured, incredibly well-informed and -researched, and I think they have a very dark universe — it's actually darker than the movies have been, up until Alfonso came onboard. Now they have a darker tone. I would hope that he would return, because out of all the movies that I've seen, that have been released, his is the one that I've liked the most. I would love for him to come back into that universe. I hope he gets to play in it again. [If he doesn't,] I would love to do one, but I would love to do one where I can kill off one of the characters. I would love to kill off one of them. I would like to be the guy who ends the franchise — I come in and destroy everything that everyone else has created! [He laughs.]

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