'People Are Missing': VT Student Reflects On Loss Of Friend

'It upsets me that the person who took her life didn't know her,' sophomore Heidi Dull tells Sway.

Emotions are understandably raw on the Virginia Tech campus, where on Tuesday (April 17) students and faculty continued to wrestle with the deadly shootings that occurred the day before.

Students are reaching out to one another and seeking help as they try to cope with the tragedy (see "Virginia Tech Students Reach Out To One Another, Seek Counseling" and "Virginia Tech Gunman Was 23-Year-Old Student, 'A Loner' "). Others are flocking to blogs and social-networking sites to grieve and share their firsthand accounts of the incident (see "Virtual Memorial, MySpace Pages Help VT Mourners Cope Online").

MTV News went to the school's campus in Blacksburg, and Sway sat down with sophomore Heidi Dull Tuesday afternoon to hear her sorrowful reflections and share her grief.

"This is the place I walk through every day," Dull said. "And it's not the same. This is not the Tech I know. People are missing."

(Click here to watch Sway and Heidi's entire conversation.)

Death tolls, timelines and statistics fail to convey the intimate nature of loss (see " 'It Was The Scariest Moment Of My Life': A Timeline Of VT Shootings"). Through tears, though, Dull brought these intense emotions into focus and reflected on one of the victims who was a friend of hers.

"Her name is Caitlin [Hammaren]," Dull said. "She's a great girl. She's an RA. She's in the leadership dorm, which speaks volumes.

"It upsets me that the person who took her life didn't know her," she said. "It's just such a shameless act of violence."

"I think her character and the person that you describe is a reflection of your character and the person you are," Sway said. "I thank you for sharing with us."

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