Depp, Banderas To Call 'Sin City' Home? Rodriguez, Dawson Talk Sequels

Director, star enthused about volume two — and three.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — Walk down the right back alley in Sin City and you can find almost anything — even details about the neo-noir blockbuster's next two installments.

"Basically ['Sin City 2'] is based on [the 'Sin City' story] 'A Dame to Kill For,' which has a lot of the old characters still alive because it's a prequel to ['The Big Fat Kill']," director Robert Rodriguez revealed. "[Author and co-director] Frank Miller's already written the script. Right now we're just talking about when we're going to get started."

Count in Rosario Dawson. The 27-year-old actress said she is "very excited" to reprise her role as Gail, the leather-clad prostitute whose love/hate relationship with Dwight (Clive Owen) fuels much of the story (see "Minds Behind '300' Reveal Real News About 'Sin City 2,' 'Watchmen' In Virtual World").

"There are a couple of sentences and things [Clive and I] say back and forth to each other [in 'The Big Fat Kill'] like, 'Oh, it's been so long since you've been here,' and, 'After we did what we did for you, why then did you leave?' Because it's a prequel to the [first movie's] middle story — which is the one I was in with Clive. That story line is going to be explained," she reported. She added enthusiastically: "I'm really looking forward to going in there and doing it again, because there are things I would have loved to do more with the character."

Among those things she's most looking forward to, Dawson grinned, is a new outfit that would make most grown women blush.

"I'm trying to figure out how to top my outfit [from the first one]. I was like, 'Geez, I'm going to have to be down to pasties and a thong,' " the "Grindhouse" star laughed. "But I'm very excited to be wearing a [dominatrix] mask in this one. I wanted to have it in the first one, but they [said], 'You can't cover your face, it defeats the purpose.' But I want it to look as realistic as possible."

By "realistic," of course, Dawson meant faithful to the graphic novel, not true to any real-world experience. But she did hint that this time around the experience should feel much more "regular" — at least in terms of narrative.

"Rather than the first 'Sin City,' where it was three different books kind of put together with different time frames, this is one full story all the way through," Dawson explained of the film's plot. "So it will be a much more regular movie in that sense — well, as much as 'Sin City' and black-and-white craziness can be regular."

Fans should expect anything but a "regular" experience in the third "Sin City." Rodriguez suggested it will revolve around "Hell and Back," the story of Wallace, a brooding artist who, due to being drugged repetitively, wanders through most of the tale hallucinating.

But if you think that's weird, wait until you see how it's played ... by Johnny Depp?

"He was interested in doing the Jackie Boy character that Benicio [del Toro] played [in the first one], but he was doing that movie 'Libertine' in Europe and it just kept getting pushed and delayed and went right through our shooting schedule," Rodriquez said of the actor he directed in "Once Upon a Time in Mexico." "But there is a better role for him in ['Hell and Back']. I kept going, 'Gosh, Jackie Boy is a small part, he could be really good [as Wallace].' When he wasn't available, I thought maybe it was meant to be."

While no deal is in place for Depp at the moment, Rodriguez seemed coyly confident they would get the Oscar-nominated actor. The director was equally excited about potentially casting another of his old favorites, Antonio Banderas.

"When I showed him the first sample of the work, he went, 'Man I'll do anything in that. I'll be the hunchback. You have to bring me onboard, that looks amazing,' " Rodriguez recalled. "So Frank met him that time too and he said, 'I have got to find something for that guy. I've never met him before. He's amazing.' [So we're] looking at the cast of characters and [looking] to see where he can fit."

With Miller excited, Banderas might not have to wait long — the author has already rewritten some of his work to facilitate the new actors, recently adding in scenes in "A Dame to Kill For" with Jessica Alba's Nancy Callahan, for instance. But then, this is "Sin City" — walk down the right back alley and you can find almost anything.

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