P.O.D. Say You Can Go Beep Beep If You Don't Like Their Style

Band expects different outlook to inform next album.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California -- If sales figures for 2002 albums from Korn, Papa Roach and Crazy Town are any indication, rap-rock is sharply declining in popularity.

Point that out to one of the genre's leaders, P.O.D., and they'll tell you to ... well, they're a bit too nice to get vulgar.

"All we care about is that what we are doing comes straight from our hearts and that's it," guitarist Marcos Curiel said. "If you like it, cool. And if you don't ... beep beep."

While Curiel said P.O.D.'s next album would continue to be "kick-ass rock and roll" (he's not exactly consistent with his beeps), he also expects the project to explore new territory.

"It's gonna have a whole different outlook," he explained, "because we are at different places in our lives now, so our music is going to sound obviously different."

Since wrapping up more than a year of touring in the fall, P.O.D. have been relaxing in their hometown of San Diego and, as bassist Traa Daniels put it, "buying houses and whatnot."

Daniels and Curiel have been penning some music, but the majority of their as-yet-untitled third major-label album will be written when they enter the studio in January.

"We've been a band that just always likes to write for that album," Curiel said. "We are not one of those bands that continuously writes so it sounds like the last record."

Since Satellite was released in September 2001, P.O.D. have launched their own record label, with Blindside as the flagship act, and collaborated with Carlos Santana for his album (see [article id="1456947"]"P.O.D. Record Track For Santana Album, Assemble Bonus DVD"[/article]).

Whether or not Santana will repay the favor, Daniels would not say. He did, however, note, "You will hear collaborations on the next P.O.D. album. We just don't know who yet."

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