Paul Wall Wins It All: Fantasy Football Championship Recap

Method Man was 13 points shy of topping the People's Champ.

The People's Champ can now call himself the first MTV News Fantasy Football Champ. Paul Wall hung on tight all year, and over the past two weeks, he was able to edge out a very formidable opponent in Method Man to win the league championship.

(Now that the season is over, see how it all started! Method Man, Paul Wall and the others fight to draft the best players in this video.)

It's been 17 weeks of trash talking, bruised egos, upsets, underdog jostling and keen coaching. In the end, it was Wall who got the most from his players when it counted.

Championship Game: Paul Wall vs. Method Man (177-164)

It's only right that these two gave us a close score in the finals — no one wants to see the trophy won in a blowout. Let's hear it for good old-fashion drama: Meth almost got his comeback on in this one. Since the remaining contenders have two final weeks to go at it in this league, Tical had time to recover from being blown out in week 16.

Two weeks ago, Meth was only able to muster 83 points because his team didn't exactly give anything to write home about other than Shaun Alexander's 26 fantasy points. Wall's Lone Star Monsters, on the other hand, got things poppin' with the duo of St. Louis QB Marc Bulger (33 fantasy points) and rookie backup running back Maurice Drew. Drew, who plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars, got to play after Jags star Fred Taylor was injured. The RB was very effective when he got the chance to carry the ball at least 13 times, running for 131 yards on 19 rushes and earning 29 fantasy points in week 16.

Drew in week 17: not so spectacular. He only had 11 fantasy points with Taylor back in the lineup. Bulger also had a sharp decline for Wall's team, racking up only 13 fantasy points. While Wall saw his title dreams fade away (his team had only 66 fantasy points in week 17), Meth was staying steadfast en route to the seemingly impossible win.

Willie Parker redeemed himself after being MIA for Meth in week 16. Last week, Parker had 26 fantasy points while MM's QB pick, Carlson Palmer (the Bengals have to be the choke artists of the year for not making the playoffs, don't they?), put up a very respectable 18 fantasy points. All Meth needed was for his top draft pick, Shaun Alexander, to have a normal Shaun Alexander game, and the championship would have been on its way over the Verrazano Bridge to Staten Island right now. Instead, Alexander had a decent game when Meth needed a great game 28 rushes, leaving the rapper 92 yards and 13 points short of beating Wall.

Elsewhere in the league, Cool & Dre beat once-unstoppable favorites Block Entertainment (the two-headed fantasy beast of Yung Joc and label head Block) to win the consolation game, 174-122.