Paul Wall, Two-Time 'Champ'?: Fantasy Football Week 15 Recap

People's Champ trying to defeat Method Man in championship.

And then there were two. But who'll be the one?

After logging on, checking injury reports and updating rosters for the past 15 weeks, New York's other Giant, Method Man, now matches up with that other Houston Texan, Paul Wall, in our first-ever MTV News Fantasy Football championship game(s) — the combo of total points scored over a two-week period. But these two titans of rap — and virtual-gridiron wizardry — couldn't have taken two more different paths to get to this point.

(Click here to see this week's tentative match-ups.)

Meth started the season running his big mouth about the other participants and their picks — after which his team's small play hushed him up for a few weeks. But a late-season three-game winning streak and shocking upset of league powerhouse Block Entertainment last week — "One point," the Shaolin rapper taunted on the message boards — has M-E-T-H thinking S-U-P-E-R.

The People's Champ, on the other hand — and maybe the soon-to-be Fantasy Football one, too? — has been solid all year. His Lone Star Monsters have taken their fair bites out of the competition throughout the season. Now Paul Wall has his eyes set on some bling he can put on his mantelpiece rather than his grill: the championship trophy. For the next two weeks, it's drag 'em out, rumble and tumble, and now or never, as Wall and Meth play for keeps. Let's see how the two stack up!

Bless the fantasy-football player who can ride a hot QB down to the wire. For Method Man, Cincinnati Bengal Carson Palmer has been more like Johnny Blaze. Palmer didn't throw any TD tosses last week, but since midseason he has appeared to regain his Pro Bowl touch from a year ago. And against a weak Denver front seven this week, look for Palmer to sit back and torch the Bronco secondary. Having Palmer target T.J. Houshmandzadeh helps too. If Meth can get any production from his running-back tandem, his late-season flourish may prove to be more than a fluke.

Like Wall himself, his running back Maurice Drew has quietly delivered. Drew ran for a buck 66 two weeks ago and 98 yards last week, giving Paul a much-needed boost as his QB and other back, Travis Henry, have fizzled out like rap album sales in 2006. Wall's hands-on team of receivers have been anything but during the past few games. But if they can regain their touch — "just a little bit," like Paul's song! — then the Texas grill man might be able to cook up a W ... or maybe even set up his team for one of those pigskin dynasties that folks in his home state are used to. Cue the theme song!

(As the season winds down, see how it all started! Method Man, Paul Wall and the others fight to draft the best players in this video, only on Overdrive.)