Paul Wall, Method Man To Make It Final: Fantasy Football Week 15 Recap

Wall pounds Cool & Dre; Meth squeaks by Block Entertainment in playoffs.

And now the finals can begin! With two weeks of playoff jostling now over, the matchup is set: Method Man is going head up with Paul Wall. As our league goes, the finals will take a couple of weeks' worth of games between the two teams to decide who wins.

So how did this face-off come to be? Well, Meth had a cumulative two-week total of 181 points against the 180 put up by Block Entertainment (the two-headed fantasy beast of Yung Joc and company CEO Block). And Paul Wall was able breathe more freely with 181 points of his own to Cool & Dre's 120.

(As the season winds down, see how it all started! Method Man, Paul Wall and the others fight to draft the best players in this video, only on Overdrive.)

Method Man vs. Block Entertainment (78-89)

Block Entertainment actually won this week, but as the road to the playoffs goes, you have to have the most points in a two-week period to come out on top. Block Entertainment seemed to have everything going its way at one point: LaDainian Tomlinson scored 31 points and the team got another 23 from Frank Gore. But the poor play of its QB, Eli Manning — he only earned seven fantasy points, highlighted by a big interception on Sunday — really hurt Block Entertainment's chances. Yung Joc and Big Block had their fate sealed by starting Joe Horn once again, who was a DNP because of injury. Meth had to sweat a little, but the Pittsburgh Steelers' Willie Parker did the job with 19 fantasy points.

Paul Wall vs. Cool & Dre (64-58)

Cool & Dre finally got a good look last week from Peyton Manning, who had been very average the past several weeks. But they didn't get much else from the rest of their squad to even get a decent chance at beating Wall. PW didn't have too much in his bag of tricks this week, but 22 points from the Steelers' special teams and defense had him looking halfway decent. Ah well: Wall built an insurmountable lead two weeks ago, so it's on to the finals.