Tyrese No Longer #1, Luke Nabs Second W: Fantasy Football Week 11 Recap

Block Entertainment still best team in league after dominant win over Lil Wayne.

It's almost over, ladies and gentlemen. Eleven weeks down, and the playoffs are shaping up.

It's becoming old hat, but Block Entertainment (the two-headed fantasy beast of Yung Joc and label head Block) are the best team. With nine wins and two losses, it's very ugly right now — ugly in a good way, of course.

(See how it all started! Method Man, Paul Wall and the others fight to draft the best players in this video.)

No need to save it for a surprise: Uncle Luke won a game. He won't make anyone's playoffs, but hey, Luke hasn't had a lot to cheer about this year, so let's give it up for him.

We have a new first-place team in Luke's Crunchtime Firing Squad Division, and — lo and behold — there's another team on fire other than Block Entertainment in the Gridiron Gangstas Division. Let's take a look at what went down:

Liz Hernandez (56) vs. Method Man (85)

All of a sudden, Method Man is as hot as his Johnny Blaze nickname makes him out to be. It's looking good for the Ticallion Stallion. His top draft pick, Shaun Alexander, is back and seemed to be running with no pain in week 11. Meth is going to have a strong running corps to close out the year and head to the playoffs. Willie Parker has had Meth's team on his back basically all year and offered another 17 fantasy points this week. Carlson Palmer put in some major work in week 11 with 21 fantasy points (275 passing yards, three TDs), and Reggie Wayne was just about the only good thing in the Colts' real-life loss to the Cowboys with 111 yards receiving. Liz had another big letdown from Michael Vick, who is looking like Clark Kent rather than Superman now. Three straight weeks with fewer than 200 yards throwing, and he's only had one throwing touchdown in each of the last three weeks. Running back Steven Jackson had his worst game of the year with 27 yards rushing. That surely didn't help Liz at all. She's in third place now.

Block Entertainment (107) vs. Lil Wayne (61)

There really wasn't anything Wayne could do this week. He had 27 fantasy points from Larry Johnson as a highlight, but it's Block Entertainment's time. Things just keep getting better for Yung Joc and Big Block. LaDainian Tomlinson is playing in real life better than himself on the "Madden NFL 07" video game. He was unstoppable with 41 fantasy points — that's just not right. He had four touchdowns this week. And once the Block family decide to bench the fading Eli Manning in favor of Drew Brees (22 fantasy points this week and an average of more than 17 points for the season), there probably will be no stopping them. They are the best team in the league, and right now, they look peerless.

Tyrese "Black Ty" Gibson (59) vs. Cool & Dre (70)

It's so crazy how your whole season can turn around in one week. Unfortunately, it all went south last week for Black Ty. His quarterback, Donavan McNabb, went down for the count — out all year — with a torn ACL. McNabb did manage to get one fantasy point in, and we have the feeling that if he didn't get injured and was able to finish the game, Ty probably would have been able to edge out hip-hop's Miami Sound Machine. But this is fantasy football, baby: There is no "What if." On Tuesday morning, 'Rese found himself in dire need of regrouping. He lost first place, he lost his QB — hopefully he won't lose his mojo. It wasn't pretty, but a win is a win. Still, Cool & Dre must be thanking their stars for the Carolina Panthers defense and special teams. Their 21 fantasy points made all the difference.

Paul Wall (42) vs. Uncle Luke (76)

Well, paint us purple and call us Barney. Uncle Luke got the duke? This isn't an upset of Mike Tyson vs. James "Buster" Douglas proportions, but Luke has had the worst team this year, and the last time he won, Mr. Eko was alive on "Lost." So who can he thank? Chad Johnson had another blockbuster week and scored 37 fantasy points. Three touchdowns and 190 receiving yards is what you call a good look. Johnson almost trumped Wall's Lone Star Monsters all by his lonesome. P.W.'s team was miserable with 42 points. The only starter on his squad with more than seven points (or double digits, for that matter) was Fred Taylor, who had 14 fantasy points. All of a sudden, Wall is back in third place in his division, with a .500 record.

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