Lil Wayne Beats Paul Wall To A Pulp: Fantasy Football Week Nine Recap

In the meantime, Cool & Dre might be asleep at the wheel ...

Week nine was division against division, and the Gridiron Gangstas absolutely destroyed the Crunchtime Firing Squad. It was blowout city in all the matchups except one. So this means that the standings in both divisions are just about the same from last week, except that Block Entertainment (the two-headed fantasy beast of Yung Joc and company CEO Block) have the best record in the league now. Seven wins and only two losses for them Georgia boys. As for the remaining Gridiron teams, it's still a three-way tie for second.

Over in the Crunctime division, Tyrese is hanging on to the top spot by a thin margin. He has to keep looking over his shoulder for the likes of Paul Wall and Cool & Dre, even if he doesn't have much to fear from Uncle Luke, who has only notched one win.

(See how it all started! Method Man, Paul Wall and the others fight to draft the best players in this video.)

Block Entertainment vs. Tyrese (91-52)

Block didn't score over 100 points, but that's only because the team had two wide receivers who were 11th-hour scratches from real-life starting lineups due to injury (the Giants' Plaxico Burress and Saints' Joe Horn). But even with their starting QB, Eli Manning, scoring only single-dig points, Block had no problem pummeling Black Ty, with LaDainian Tomlinson controlling things in real life in the back field. LT is a front-runner (pun intended) for NFL MVP, and as long as he's healthy, Block Entertainment might not lose another game this year. With no Donovan McNabb playing this week, 'Rese really didn't put up a fight. Tiki Barber was the only player on his team to touch 20 points or more this week.

Method Man vs. Uncle Luke (66-28)

The Ticallion Stallion really lucked up this week by drawing Luke on his schedule. He was almost assured a victory. Luke is drowning faster than the cast in "Poseidon," and this week his entire team was almost matched in score by Meth's running back Willie Parker, who looked very strong with 25 points. Besides Parker, Meth's team looked miserable with no one else in his starting lineup able to go double digits in scores. But it's not how you win, it's if you win, and Meth did just that. Still, he must be thinking, "How many more weeks till Shaun Alexander plays?"

Lil Wayne vs. Paul Wall (116-51)

In the race for first in his division, the surging Wall was met with a letdown this week ... in a big way. This was one of the biggest blowouts of the fantasy-football year. If most of his team would have had at least average games, Wall still would have lost to Wayne, but he went down in a blaze of glory, at least. Besides QB Marc Bulger and running back Kevin Jones (who scored 19 and 26 points, respectively), the rest of his squad went out with a whimper in week nine. For better or worse, it looks like Wayne is going to ride out with Bears QB Rex Grossman as his starting arm. Rex was gross this week, man: Only six points, and his team lost its perfect record in real life. Wayne's end-all be-all is going to be Chiefs running back Larry Johnson, who's looking smooth as butter every week. He had 23 points in week nine — and that was an off week! Weezy's pick of Marvin Harrison was solid, of course. With Peyton Manning passing the pigskin to him every week, he's going to be a bread winner.

Liz Hernandez vs. Cool & Dre (78-68)

They call it a "two-headed" monster for a reason, fellas: If one of you forgets to set the lineup, then the other one should pick up the slack. Cool & Dre started Steve Smith, who had a bye, and left 21 points on the bench in the form of Joey Galloway. Any loss hurts, but one that could have been avoided cuts a little deeper. To add salt on that wound, Cool & Dre missed an opportunity to move up a spot in their division. Liz, on the other hand, keeps up with the guys in her division. She too had some big scorers on the bench, with wide receiver Javon Walker scoring 38 points and running back Steven Jackson getting 27, but when you have your feet up in the winner's circle, all that is forgotten. Liz has an abundance of talent, though. Week nine was all about a balanced attack from her starters like Terrell Owens, Michael Vick and Rudi Johnson, who all had points in the low teens.

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