Yung Joc Pulls Even With Tyrese: Fantasy Football Week Eight Recap

... and Paul Wall is breathing down their necks.

Baltimore isn't the only place where it comes down to the wire — just look at the MTV News Fantasy Football League. It's getting tighter than the dance floor at Studio 54. Tyrese can no longer boast the best overall record, as he's tied with Block Entertainment (the two-headed fantasy beast of Yung Joc and company CEO Block) with a record of 6-2. You had to feel that coming though — Joc and Block have been working it strong.

And so has Paul Wall. Don't forget about the smiling MC from H-Town. His tie with Cool & Dre in week seven is the only thing keeping it from being a three-way tie for best record. He only has two losses as well. With a three-way tie for second in the Gridiron Gangstas division, it's going to be at least another couple of weeks before everything is sorted out there. The Crunchtime Firing Squad is staying competitive as well: Besides Uncle Luke, everyone else is in it.

(See how it all started! Method Man, Paul Wall and the others fight to draft the best players in this video.)

Paul Wall vs. Tyrese (77-56)

Let's not even count the starting kicker who had a bye week — Black Ty's big letdown came from a couple of NFC East superstars. Tiki Barber had a very middling performance against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, only accounting for eight points. (Who would have known that the benched Mike Bell would score more than 23 fantasy points last week?) In the meantime, Donovan McNabb looked very so-so — and not So So Def, either — with his meager nine fantasy points. Philly's Mac Daddy is going to have to step it up not only if his Eagles are going to make the playoffs but if Tyrese wants to hold onto the #1 spot in his division. Paul Wall's victory puts him even with Ty in the loss column. Wall's fate is in his own hands at this point (well, as much as it can be during Fantasy Football), and he could solidify a playoff spot in the next couple of weeks. Wall's team wasn't awesome last week, but they had more than enough to get the duke. Marc Bulger put up a solid 21 points.

Cool & Dre vs. Uncle Luke (83-78)

It's getting real interesting all around the league. Cool & Dre have just one loss more than Tyrese and one victory less than Paul Wall in the Crunchtime Firing Squad division. And as long as they have a healthy arm attached to Peyton Manning (their top overall pick), they can expect around 30 points a game from him alone (27 in week eight). Ahman Green was too tough in week eight, running for more than 100 yards and two touchdowns. His 24 points were sorely needed as Luke put up a tough fight but was still unable to overcome the struggle. His destiny may have been decided with this loss. Luke's starting QB, Byron Leftwich, is injured and may not play again this week. Which normally wouldn't be too bad with a thrower like Matt Hasselbeck on the bench ... but he's injured as well.

Method Man vs. Lil Wayne (107-111)

We saw a couple of teams that have been struggling this season lock horns and, lo and behold, the matchup brought out the best in them. Meth's loss has to sting, because his squad put out a real valiant effort and a win would have put him in sole possession of second place in the Gridiron Gangstas divisions. He did everything right, playing his cards like a champ. The difference was simply the play of the Colts' Dominic Rhodes. 'Nic the Quick was only able to offer four points while his wide-receiver teammate Reggie Wayne accumulated 33. Insert sad face here. On the flipside, Wayne would probably have been cursing up a storm this week if he had lost, especially since he benched Marques Colston, who had a very surprising 28 points. But, that's what Larry Johnson is for: Although Wayne's other QB, Reggie Bush, had -1 points, LJ had 41 points. He's a monster, ladies and gents, if you haven't already figured it out. Yes, Weezy F. Baby is alive in his division.

Block Entertainment vs. Liz Hernandez (117-82)

Wow! Michael Vick is still the NFL's Superman, but LaDainian Tomlinson has to be considered Captain Marvel — or, better yet, He-Man. Not only can he run and catch for touchdowns, but now LT is throwing for TDs as well. Not fair at all. This week he brought home 41 points, which is exactly half of what the entire team led by MTV News' own Liz Hernandez scored. Block's team displayed its consistent balance, with just about every other starter pitching in low double-digit numbers. Liz's Man of Steel, Mike Vick, is doing what he's supposed to do, throwing the ball. Three TDs last week. Haters stay silent. What did the Lizzy in this week was Randy Moss. Betrayal, we tell yaw. After looking like he might be coming back to his prominence, he goes and racks up a total of 20 yards in a game. Two points? That's no way to treat Liz.

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