NFL Players Shooting Jump Shots During Games? Blame Jim Jones

Dip Set co-founder says he's happy to inspire athletes; will shoot all-star video for 'We Fly High' remix.

Sports fans who aren't deeply tied into hip-hop have been wondering what was up with the New York Giants on "Monday Night Football" this past week. After almost every big play, team members like Michael Strahan and Plaxico Burress acted like they were taking jump shots on an NBA basketball court.

If you've been watching music videos lately, you know exactly what has inspired NFL's G-Unit: Jim Jones' video for "We Fly High." When Jim yells his now signature ad-lib "Ballllllin'!," he and his Dip Set/ Byrd Gang brethren do the closest thing to a dance step you'll see them do — take a fake jump shot like an NBA balla.

"I was watching the Giants game, watchin' my dude Strahan go [crazy], shooting jump shots all over," Jim told MTV News Wednesday afternoon from his tour bus. "It's a great feeling. I spoke to them before the game. It feels good to know my song gets these athletes hype to go and win these games. Being from New York and it's the New York Giants, that means so much for somebody like me. New York is getting a wave, and all I wanted to do was put New York back where we needed to be."

Jones' "We Fly High" is definitely an NYC anthem, and has consistently held the top spot in the city as far as radio and club play since it was released a few months ago. Now Jim has to keep doing what he and the Dips always do — get out there and be among the people. He's currently touring the South, promoting his November 7 release, Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product of My Environment) (see "Jim Jones Snags T.I., Diddy For 'Fly' Remix, Calls Himself 'The Mean Nice Guy' ").

"I ain't gonna front, I been in the South, and from the radio stations to the clubs, everybody is saying I got the hottest song in the South right now," Jones gloated, with a touch of surprise. "That's crazy to be an artist from New York and to have the hottest song in the South — it's a good feeling. Everywhere I went has been nothing but good response."

Jim will be in Atlanta in mid-November shooting the video for the "We Fly High" remix. The song is already on the radio and features Diddy, T.I., Young Dro and Baby from Cash Money. All those artists will be in the video, as will Jermaine Dupri, who has an extra verse for the clip. "That's all the [guys] in the game that I think are the ballas right now from the old school to the new school," Jones said.

"[For the video,] I'm gonna do 'Flavor in Your Ear' remix over again," he added, referencing the stripped-down clip featuring the Notorious B.I.G., Busta Rhymes and LL Cool J. "[Performances] and black-and-white background. That's what I'm talking about. I'm pretty hype right now. For me to get a remix and Diddy and T.I and Jermaine Dupri and everybody to jump on that thing — they didn't ask me for nothing. They was just feeling the song and jumped on. What can I say?"

Jimmy might be speechless when it comes to the love being shown by his peers, but when it comes to his music, he's as mouthy and passionate as they come. He wants to get fans to listen to his LP by any means necessary.

"Hustler's P.O.M.E., it's food for the soul," he said. "I really put my heart and soul in it. I know it's hard out there, I know to get $15 to buy an album is very hard, so if you need to get that bootleg, I'm giving you permission. Because I know sometimes your money can't allow to get the official copy. I just want to be heard. I'm giving you a lot of sh-- on there. The words are instrumental to the struggle that's going on."