Jeezy Waiting On Kanye For LP; Addresses Rumors Of Tour With Jay, Nas

Snowman also has his hands full with Ludacris, Snoop, R. Kelly collabos.

Young Jeezy has suddenly become fond of the number 12.

His second studio LP, The Inspiration: Thug Motivation 102, comes out December 12 (see "Young Jeezy Wants Thug Motivation 102 To Convert Nonbelievers"), and the Snowman is already busy working the album, shooting his first video this week in Atlanta for "I Luv It."

"It's dealing with the people on some street sh--," he said last week about the clip. He hasn't locked down a director yet, but he's leaning toward "Soul Plane" director Jesse Terrero (50 Cent's "Candy Shop"). "I really love what he do. I love that I can do some street sh-- and n---as really f--- with me. I'm their spokesperson. The video is gonna take it there, [show] what we do on an everyday basis. Some people might not look at it as big, but it's big to us. It's our way of life. I wanted to bring it to that element. I wanted to shoot in Atlanta because people might not get to see the street side of Atlanta."

After the video, Jeezy says he's going to shoot a movie, à la Snoop's "Murder Was the Case." The short film is going to accompany the Inspiration cut "Bury Me a G" and will be included with the album.

"We been planning this for a minute," he said of the "Bury Me" clip. "I got some dudes from 'The Wire' coming through. I wanna make it as realistic as possible. The song is basically one of them situations where you just doing you. Trying to live life. And [some people] don't want it to be like that. They want you to have problems. At the same time, you think about all the things you looked over, took for granted. I'mma leak [the song], put it out, like, two weeks before the album."

The Snowman says his album is just about done, but he never stops recording. Specifically, this time there's a track he's waiting for Kanye West to rap on. "I definitely gotta f--- with Kanye, I got something crazy for him," he said. "He loves to stunt and shine, I got something for him."

Another labelmate Jeezy has been rhyming with is fellow Atlanta resident Ludacris. The Snowman appears on "Grew Up a Screw Up," which is the next single from Luda's Release Therapy. "Luda is a cool n---a, man," he said. "He's one of them pioneers, and he's only four or five albums in. I'm watching what he's got going on and where he's at in his career. [The collaboration] was definitely the city, we trying to put the city back on the map. It was a good look, a gangsta look."

'Cris and Jeezy might even be heading on the road together pretty soon. Although nothing is confirmed, Jeezy says there's talk around the Def Jam offices about a tour featuring the two Atlanta powerhouses along with Jay-Z and Nas. "Yeah, I been hearing about it," Jeezy said. "I'm looking forward to it."

Besides Luda's LP, Jeezy is appearing on Snoop's Tha Blue Carpet Treatment (see "Snoop Reunites With Dre, Improves Macking Mojo On Blue Carpet") as well as the latest from R. Kelly. "I just try to pace myself," he said. "I don't like to do too much. I feel like my words come from the heart. If everything ain't heartfelt, I can't f--- with it. Snoop, he smokes hella weed, but he's just a cool guy. I respect a lot of things about him. He's a OG, but he never changed up. He remained Snoop. He also soaks things up. He listens more than he talks. I know he has a lot to say that I can learn from though.

"R. is cool," he continued, talking about the Chicago singer. "He's a hustla, like myself. His work ethic's like mine. He stays in the studio all the time. We did some sh--, man. I can't even front, he did something for my album, I did something for his."