Eagles Of Death Metal Frontman Wants To Help Britney Make Comeback

Rockers set to issue 'Sexy' DVD, tour with Joan Jett, film 'I Gotta Feeling' clip and Zune commercial.

It's a Wednesday afternoon in Los Angeles, and Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse "The Devil" Hughes is riding down Hollywood Boulevard on his way to the dentist ("I'm scared," he explained, "because I have serious Irish teeth, which is one step away from English teeth"). He's got the windows of his car rolled down, and he's bumping Britney Spears' "Toxic."

"Isn't it one of the greatest songs you've ever heard?" he asked, adding that the sight of someone like him blasting Britney is "probably an interesting thing to see." He's discussing the treatment for his band's next video — for the track "I Gotta Feeling (Just Nineteen)" — which will be filming in Hollywood this week. Hughes wonders aloud when Spears will be making a video of her own, because frankly, the man misses the pop star's sultry clips.

"Britney Spears videos rock, and I don't care how much she's singing or not singing, writing or not writing — I just want to see that girl make a comeback and make more videos," he explained, issuing an interesting proposition: "Britney, please let me help you, girl. I will do whatever you need to help you make that comeback."

Britney isn't likely to take him up on his offer, and that's fine. The Devil's got quite a bit on his plate these days, beyond the mustache maintenance that always takes up a large bulk of his time. The Eagles of Death Metal will issue their first DVD, called "DVD by Sexy," on Tuesday (October 10), and two days later they kick off their U.S. trek with Joan Jett in Philadelphia. There's the video shoot too, and the Eagles will tape a commercial for Microsoft's new portable media player, Zune.

The video for "I Gotta Feeling," Hughes said, is "going to be the greatest video ever made. The vision [Queens of the Stone Age frontman and Eagles accomplice Josh Homme] and myself are working with right now is us cruising the streets, interacting with people and inspiring them to dance and have fun, like some neo-biker '60s faction that runs the show."

Of course, the clip — much like the one for "I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)," the first single from the band's 2006 studio LP, Death by Sexy (see "Eagles Of Death Metal Frontman's 'Soft Boomerang Of Love' Takes Center Stage In Clip") — will feature tons of smokin'-hot babes.

"That's the gig, really," he reasoned. "It's fine and dandy to have cool songs and have a cool style, but unless you have t--s and ass, ain't nobody gonna give a sh-- about your video. We want to steal an idea from the Flock of Seagulls video for 'I Ran,' where they're all in that rotating circle with the mirrors. We want to cop that for some cutaway scenes, because that looks cool."

Comely females will also play a significant role in the Zune commercial, which should begin airing later in the fall. Hughes said the finished ad is going to depict a car loaded with lovelies racing toward a venue where the band is performing. Hughes couldn't provide additional details, but he hopes there will be lots of close-ups of his thick 'stache.

The band's top priority now, though, is the impending release of "DVD by Sexy," which was compiled from footage captured by director and musician Liam Lynch — who helmed the forthcoming film "Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny" — over the eight days it took for the EODM to record Death by Sexy at L.A.'s Sound City Studios (see "Eagles Of Death Metal Singer Expects 'Bikini Girls Every Night' When LP Drops" and "Eagles Of Death Metal Frontman Gushes About 'Amazingly Sexy' LP, Own Moustache").

"We didn't want to make a DVD, but Liam was like, 'Dude, I have to film what's going on here,' " Hughes said. "The DVD's about a band making an album, but it's also about two best friends [Hughes and Homme] having the time of their lives. There's some behind-the-scenes sh-- that's intense, because the day we started recording was the day my ex-wife took me back to court, and I began a year-and-a-half-long custody battle that almost killed me and put me in rehab. The studio became the only place where I could escape all that sh--."

The Eagles slept very little during those eight days, and Lynch captured all of the insanity of the sessions on a handful of cameras — some of which he'd hidden throughout the studio without the band's knowledge. "To accomplish an approximation of the reality of the situation, we also had to add animated characters to the footage," Hughes said. Several sequences feature animated flowers, fuzzy bunnies and dancing bananas Homme beats and bullies around.

"And you actually can feel the tickling of the hairs of my mustache on your body as you watch it," Hughes added. "It's a virtual mustache ride, via the television."

The DVD also includes a never-before-seen video for the track "Solid Gold," which was directed by Lynch and depicts Hughes "in an animated city of gold, cruising around in a gold car and lifting weights." Hughes' favorite part of the DVD is a segment during which the band rags on him for his obsession with Rollerblading.

The outing boasts all of the band's videos, as well as performance footage captured at several of the EODM's recent gigs — which, of course, Hughes considers the best in all of rock and roll.