Bobby Valentino Looks Out For The Ladies With New Album, Jean Line

'I really want to provide for all women,' says R&B crooner, whose Special Occasion drops November 14.

NEW YORK — Ladies, Bobby Valentino wants to cater to you — in more ways than one.

The Southern singer — signed to Ludacris' Disturbing Tha Peace imprint — is not only prepping his sophomore album, November 14's Special Occasion, but he's also introducing a line of Bobby V jeans for women.

"Ever since the 'Tell Me' video everyone has been asking me, 'When is your jean line coming out?' So I've been working on that," Valentino said Wednesday while promoting his album. "I'm totally hands-on with all the creative things with the Bobby V jean line. That was one thing I put in the contract, that I wanted to be hands-on. We're ladies' men as R&B singers, and I love the ladies — all types of women. I definitely want to see my name on the back of jeans. And I feel like there's a void for women's jeans. A lot of women are either too small or too big for certain jeans. I really want to provide for all women."

For the new album, Valentino called on beatsmiths Tim & Bob, Dre & Vidal and Rodney Jerkins, who produced Valentino's first single, "Turn the Page" (see "Bobby Valentino Asks Sean Garrett, Rodney Jerkins To Attend Special Occasion"). Valentino said the ballad was a change of pace from the midtempo songs that appeared on his self-titled debut. He's hoping it will help him display more of his vocal range, as well as get listeners to notice the man behind the music.

"A lot of people hear my other songs and say, 'Oh, he's a cool singer, he's a'ight,' " Valentino said. "[With] 'Turn the Page,' it really shows my singing abilities and what I can do. I actually had to practice this song [before recording], and I usually don't do that. But that's really why I wanted to drop this song: to really show people I'm a real singer. The first album, people didn't get to know me. They knew 'Slow Down,' and by being on DTP they connect me to Luda. But with this album, I want to separate myself from all R&B singers."

With the Chris Browns and Ne-Yos emerging recently, Valentino said he needed to secure his place in the singers' circuit. He began working on Special Occasion almost immediately after dropping his first album. But with his sophomore effort — which he said features songs for the club, the bedroom and more — don't expect the former Mista frontman to bust any moves.

"I'm more of a groove type of guy," he said. "Growing up I never got into the dancing. We would let the dancers do all that in the middle of the floor. Instead we would just be in the club posted up on the wall, hollering at the chicks."