Good Charlotte Busy Blogging, Making Acronyms, Cranking Out Demos For Fourth LP

With 30-odd songs demoed, GC working toward finishing fourth LP in time for fall release.

If you are to believe Joel Madden's MySpace page, then his daily schedule looks a little something like this: "produce for Dead Execs, wear DCMA, rep AMC, down with BWS," with an afternoon filled with "lov[ing] my life, my girl, my dog, my friends, my music."

Man! That sounds hectic (and confusing). So it's good to hear that amid all that activity — and acronym creation — Madden is somehow finding the time to put the finishing touches on Good Charlotte's fourth album, which is going by the imaginative handle of, um, #4.

"Right now, I'm only interested in finishing GC's album, 4,"Madden writes on his MySpace blog. "We've demo-ed like 30-some songs, and I just wanna finish it, put it out and get back on the road. That's what we do — make records and tour — and that's what I love to do: tour with my band."

Other details on #4 — which, we're assuming, is just a working title — are scarce, but according to a spokesperson for GC's label, Epic Records, the band is working once again with producer Don Gilmore (who twiddled the knobs on their self-titled 2000 debut), and that while it's still early in the process, fans can expect the new record to hit stores sometime this fall.

When MTV News spoke with Madden last year, he was already beginning work on the follow-up to The Chronicles of Life and Death, promising a "melodic and poppy" effort packed with "a lot of keyboards" (see "Good Charlotte Say New LP Won't Be So '80s; Call Hilary 'The Greatest Singer Today' ").

Of course, back then he also said that producer Eric Valentine (who helmed the sessions for both Chronicles and their 2002 album, The Young and the Hopeless,) was once again on board, and that Dave Grohl and Trent Reznor might also be involved in the project.

But that was then, and this is now — and it looks like Madden's latest claims are true. According to a post by guitarist Billy Martin on GC's official site, the band is steaming along toward completion of album number four.

"We are all done writing and demo-ing for this album and have started tracking the final album songs. Everything is going great and we have some really amazing songs that I'm sure you will love," Martin wrote. "We are developing a section of the Web site for studio updates where we will put pics, videos and other updates throughout the recording process. I can't wait to get back on the road and play some damn shows again! You all better be there."