Game, Tyrese Swap Rapping, Acting Tips On 'Waist Deep' Set

'Whatever suggestions we made, he went in and made the adjustments,' Tyrese says of MC co-star.

In "Waist Deep," the Game and Tyrese Gibson play dudes who used to run together and commit crimes until one betrayed the other. Off-camera, the two were thick as thieves, as the Game took notes from 'Rese about acting and returned the favor by giving Tyrese pointers about rapping.

"We're tied right now," Game said. "First he had the whole music thing and did his acting thing. He's like the Kobe of acting, but he's still young, still black and still holding it down. He has like 10 years on me in the acting, but we gonna be doing a lot more movies."

In "Waist Deep," Tyrese plays convict O2, who is forced back into a life of crime when his son is abducted and held hostage by Game's character, Big Meat. Meat, who chops a man's hand off in one scene, is the leader of a ring of hoodlums who control a part of the streets. Meagan Good and Larenz Tate also star as Gibson's accomplice and cousin, respectively.

"I know Game came into the situation saying, 'Listen, I'm very new to this. Whatever suggestions you can give me, I'll take them,' " Tate said. "He looks up to me, which was very flattering because I respect what he does as an artist. Also, he was OK taking some criticism. 'If it's bad, let me know and be upfront.' Because he was playing the bad guy, he didn't want to play the typical thug bad guy. He altered his look a little. He had some very good suggestions in scenes that you wouldn't see on a page and work. We had a good time."

"We didn't know what to think when he first came [to the set]," Tyrese, added about Game. "I don't know if it was purposely done, but Game's reputation is out there. He's very rebellious. He does what he wants to do. We didn't know what to expect as far as how we could hit him with some information [about acting] and see him adjust. But me and Larenz took him under our wing, and we had a lot of great moments in his trailer. We were talking about everything, and whatever suggestions we made, he went in and made the adjustments."

"That's my homeboy on and off the camera and we hold it down," Game said about Tyrese. "The experience [of making a film] was dope. I'm just taking my blessings as they come, and I'm holding it down. Being on both sides of the field is something that's great. We'll see how successful the movie is. It just means I've succeeded at something else in my life. I can't wait to branch out and go to the next thing."

Game's next thing is finishing up his sophomore LP, which is due this fall. He's about 90 percent done, according to his reps.

"On this album and this state where I'm at in my career, I'm doing a lot more things that are L.A.-based," he said about his "L.A." tattoo, which replaced the butterfly on his left cheek. "I feel that I'm the face of L.A., so I put L.A. on my face."

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The Game recently rewarded fans who volunteered for community service by performing at the Boost Mobile RockCorps concert in Atlanta (see "Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Big Boi Rock The Crowd; Game Remembers 2Pac At ATL Benefit").

Tyrese's rapping is also being put on full blast. He just released a mixtape called Best of Both Hoods with DJ Warrior. Tyrese is rapping under the name Black Ty and is putting out a double album called Alter Ego in the next few months. One album will be a traditional R&B album, the other will be a rap record. 'Rese is excited about the project but said he's thoroughly upset that several of the LPs' tracks were leaked.

"It was a whole lot of songs," he said. "Somebody on my staff or one of the engineers came in and leaked some music, took some stuff out of my computer. ... We're really trying to figure out who did this. I got about five engineers and some songs that's not mixed, that I didn't want people to hear."

Tyrese said since he is just starting out as a rapper and has to prove himself, he wanted to make sure the public only hears his best material.

"It's been rough," he said. "I might even go as far as making everyone take a lie-detector test."

Ty has since gone back into the studio to record new songs. Next up on the acting tip for Tyrese is the live-action version of "Transformers" with Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay.

"It's crazy," he said. "Michael Bay and Spielberg, the greatest combination ever. Two huge directors putting their heads together to come up with a masterpiece. I'm honored when I'm on the set. I'm already four weeks into it. I'm looking at Michael Bay like, 'Damn, that's Michael Bay!' It's huge. I can't even front. It's not a day that goes by when I'm not reminded how big it is."

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