Alba Says 'Fantastic Four 2' Will Be 'Exciting, Hot, New, Fresh'

'We're going to amp up the action, amp up the love interest, amp it all up,' promises MTV Movie Awards host.

CULVER CITY, California — Comic book character-turned-cinematic superhero Sue Storm is best known for her powers of invisibility, which allow her to sneak around and keep the secrets of the Fantastic Four from falling into the wrong hands. While Jessica Alba can understand such tendencies, she prides herself on being a bit more upfront.

In town for her high-profile gig as host of the 2006 MTV Movie Awards (see "MTV Movie Awards: Will Ferrell Freaks Out; Jessica Simpson Dusts Off Daisy Dukes"), the actress is revealing some big secrets for "Fantastic Four 2," the superhero sequel she'll soon begin filming. And if there's one thing that perks up the ears of the men who've supposedly made her the most Googled woman in history, it's the pairing of the words "revealing" and "Alba."

"I start [filming] on August 28th, I think, through the fall," Alba said of the sequel to last year's blockbuster about a radiation-fueled super-family. "It's going to be a very, very exciting, hot, new, fresh 'Fantastic Four.' We're going to amp up the action, amp up the love interest, amp it all up."

As far as that first count is concerned, look for returning heroes Johnny Storm (Chris Evans), Ben Grimm (Michael Chiklis) and Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffudd) to embark on some seriously enhanced action scenes, but it will be Sue whose powers will blow everyone else away.

"I'm the most powerful of the four," Alba boasted, saying that the full-blown effects of the first film's hero-making mishap will finally be felt as she takes on the powers of her comrades. "I can kind of do everyone else's powers."

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Continuing with all that amping up, "FF2" will once again delve into the complicated relationship between Sue and Reed. In the last film, the sheepish Mr. Fantastic was trapped in a love triangle that had him battling with Dr. Doom. This time around, Alba promises another love triangle, and a new co-star who might be fueling it.

"There is a little tension between the Silver Surfer and Reed," Alba said of the script, which will finally bring the legendary Marvel character to the big screen. The cosmos-roaming Silver Surfer has gained an army of loyal fans with his conflicted, complicated story line. Of the Surfer, Alba said: "He's a little good and a little bad. So it's just a matter of, 'What does Sue Storm bring — the good or the bad — out of that boy?' "

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Alba's clues could equal a romantic subplot between Sue and a Silver-skinned lothario. While comic book fans are connecting such dots, it also helps to note that there could never be a Silver Surfer without a Galactus.

"I cannot bring up Galactus," Alba said, taking a deep breath and giggling. "I can't believe I just said his name.

"Maybe he'll do an appearance," she added.

For those who aren't tracking world-devouring mega-monsters, Galactus is the immeasurably powerful, millions-of-miles-tall being who must wander the universe looking for planets to snack on for sustenance. Galactus and the Surfer are as inextricably linked as George Steinbrenner and Joe Torre — appropriate, since an accurate cinematic manifestation of Galactus could cost enough money to bankrupt even the Yankees owner.

"We do have some villain action — maybe a new villain, maybe an old villain, maybe one of us turns into a villain," Alba added. Specifically asked if Victor Von Doom (Julian McMahon) would be in the sequel, the actress smiled. "Maybe, maybe," she offered.

Wrapping things up, Alba bristled at speculation that the recently announced departure of Marvel Studios CEO Avi Arad would have any effect on his involvement with the movie. "He owns it, he owns Marvel, he's totally producing," she said. "He owns everybody. He owns all of us — Spider-Man, X-Men, the Fantastic Four."

" 'Fantastic Four' is so much fun, and we really have such a great, strong family that we created," Alba added. "I'm totally excited, and with 'X-Men' doing so well, it just lets everyone know [that more comic book movies are wanted]. It's our whole same [Marvel] team. We are all so happy for them, and we're ready to go in this year and bang out another one."

And with that, the world's most visible Invisible Woman vanished once again.

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